Ducati leads the superbike segment

Ducati delivered 53,004 motorcycles worldwide last year. This corresponds to a decline of almost 2,800 or 5 percent.

Ducati leads the superbike segment

Ducati was able to increase sales of the Panigale models. Compared with 2017, they could register an increase of 70% here. In the superbike segment Ducati thus achieved a share of 26 percent. This means that more than every fourth SuperBike sold in 2017 came from Ducati. They are also market leaders in this segment.

From the Panigale V4 could be sold 6,100 pieces. Sales of the Multistrada series (11,829 units or + 25%) also rose sharply

Italy, the home country of Ducati, was the strongest single market. 9,200 new registrations, or an increase of 4.5%, were posted here. In Germany, sales fell by 5.2 percent.
In China, deliveries increased by 29 percent, which included. this may be due to the fact that a new branch was founded there and the sales network was expanded from 19 to 23 dealers.

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