Chinese 750cc four-cylinder is coming

For a long time, the Chinese concentrated on smaller cubic capacity. In the meantime, larger motors are also being manufactured, e.g. the 1200cc Triple from Benelli or the 1250cc V-Twin from CF-Moto. Now a new 750cc four-cylinder is to come.


The second Chinese four-cylinder

So far, Benelli had the only four-cylinder manufactured in China with the TNT600. However, the Benda company is now also planning a motorcycle with a four-cylinder.

Only two teaser images reveal the new model. One shows the silhouette of the motorcycle. Visually, it is strongly reminiscent of the Ducati Diavel. The rear was kept short and the license plate holder mounted on the swing arm. The front looks beefy and compact.

In another picture you can see a round LED headlight and the manifold that was flanged to the 750cc four-cylinder.


Missing cooler

The lack of the radiator is somewhat irritating, which could lead to the conclusion that the engine is air-cooled. This is likely to be unlikely by now, which in turn would require a rather unusual cooling system.

There remains speculation because data on the engine is still missing. So far, it has only been announced that it should meet Euro5 or at least similar standards.

There is no more detailed information. However, the emission regulations in China and Europe are very similar. It has not yet been communicated whether an introduction to the European market is planned.


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