Brough Superior comes back

102 years after the founding of Brough Superior, French entrepreneurs revived the so-called Rolls Royce among motorcycles. Now the first models are going on sale.


Rare classic bikes

Brough Superior could produce motorcycles only for 21 years, because the factory, which was located in Nottingham, was seized because of World War 2 to use for war purposes. After the war, the brand did not come back.

Among collectors, the brand is very popular and individual motorcycles could fetch up to $600,000 at auctions.


From England to France

Thierry Henriette met with brand owner Mark Upham in 2013 and just three months later a Brough Superior prototype was shown at EICMA. Since then, work has been going on in the background and in 2018 the brand was finally taken over. However, production is now located near Toulouse in southwestern France.


Sales start

In the first year, 100 motorcycles are to be delivered. On offer are the S.S. 100 models, a Scrambler and a model designed to commemorate the brand’s 100th anniversary. Prices range from 60,000 to 100,000 euros.

Assembly of the cooperation with Aston Martin, the AMB01, has also already started.


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