Brembo buy SBS

As announced, Brembo has signed a contract with the brake pad manufacturer SBS Friction A/S. Brembo will acquire 100% of the Danish company, which specializes in the production of environmentally friendly brake pads made of sintered and organic materials.


This will enable Brembo to include the corresponding environmentally friendly brake pads in its product range.

“Brembo has been a reliable partner for us for a long time, who has recognized the value of SBS Friction’s technological know-how and strong niche position,” said Peter Eriksen Jensen, Chairman of the SBS Group. “We are pleased that SBS Friction will have a strong, long-term industrial owner who will continue to support the further development of the company. The transaction is a good thing for the SBS Group, SBS Friction, its employees and the city of Svendborg”.


The takeover will cost Brembo around 30 million euros. The agreement is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

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