With the 2021 model, Yamaha intends to remain true to the fundamental values of the hyper naked philosophy. The new MT-09 is lighter, more powerful, more advanced and has higher specifications.

With the 2021 model, Yamaha intends to remain true to the fundamental values of the hyper naked philosophy. The new MT-09 is lighter, more powerful, more advanced and has higher specifications.

The design was based on the motto “Kanno Seino”, which means “exhilarating performance” and describes the feeling of excitement on every ride.


Completely new engine

A completely newly developed motor provides propulsion, and it has even been possible to save a little weight. Strictly speaking, 1.7 kg could be saved compared to the previous engine of the current MT-09.

By enlarging the bore, the displacement increases to 889cc. The power output has also increased by 4 PS to 119 PS at 10.000 rpm. The maximum torque is stated as 93 Nm at 7,000 rpm.


New frame saves weight

The CP3 engine complies with Euro5 standards. It was installed in a completely new CF die-cast aluminium Delta Box frame. CF stands for Controlled Filling, a high-tech die-casting process in which Yamaha claims to be the world leader.

This process allows very thin wall thicknesses, saving 2.3kg on the rear frame and swingarm. It is also designed to support the increased agility of the MT-09 from 2021.


New injection, greater efficiency

The fuel supply was redesigned. The fuel nozzles are now located on the side of the throttle valves instead of directly on the cylinder head. The fuel is injected at the rear of the intake valves and is said to contribute to better atomisation, excellent combustion efficiency and thus to increase fuel efficiency by 9%.


Transmission and clutch

Due to the increased engine power, the gearbox has also been optimised by slightly increasing the transmission ratios of the first and second gears. The shift fork has been redesigned and the clutch discs now use a new material. Due to the modified actuation mechanism, the clutch is smoother.


Improved perception of torque and acceleration

The air intake system has also been revised and the exhaust system has been redesigned. Yamaha’s aim is to improve the feeling for acceleration and torque.

The air filter box got a new layout with three channels, each with a different cross-section and length.

Compared to its predecessor, the exhaust system is 1.4 kg lighter.


New look

The new look of the MT-09 is the most striking. It is supposed to represent the next big step in the evolution of MT-DNA. “Omit everything that is not really necessary” was the design concept. Compared to the predecessor, 4 kg could be saved, resulting in a weight of 189 kg.

A central LED spotlight is now located between two LED position lights. This should give the face a characteristic Y-shape. It is supposed to remind of the look of a predator and represents the new design of the MT series.


Technical features

The assistance systems use data collected by a 6-axis IMU. Movements in all directions are permanently monitored and the data is transmitted to the ECU, which in turn controls the driving aids.

The new MT-09 is equipped with slope sensitive traction control, Side Control System, Lift Control System on the front wheel and Brake Control System.

Electronic throttle control and a Ride-by-Wire APSG system have also been installed. The quickshifter including a blipper function enables gear changes without the clutch.

Also new is the 3.5-inch TFT instrument with full-colour display.


The new and lightweight 41 mm KYB fork is fully adjustable in preload, rebound and compression.  A KYB shock absorber works at the rear.

Braking is done with the front brake system of the Yamaha R1


Colours, availability and price

There will be three colour variations, Storm Fluo, Icon Blue, and Tech Black. In Europe the first models will be delivered to dealers in March 2021. The price has not yet been announced.


Technical highlights

  • New EU5-compliant 889cc inline three-cylinder 40-valve liquid-cooled DOHC engine
  • More power at all engine speeds
  • 7% increase in maximum torque at low speed
  • Increase of the maximum power by 4 HP
  • New 2.3kg lighter Deltabox frame made of die-cast CF aluminium
  • Lower wet weight of 189kg: 4kg less than before, making it the lightest model in the 900cc naked class
  • Shorter wheelbase for more dynamic handling
  • New lightweight aluminium swingarm
  • Bright and beautiful ‘undisguised’ MT styling of the new generation
  • Premium quality throughout, with Crystal Graphite frame
  • Full LED lighting with Y-shaped characteristic front and rear
  • New Quick Shift system with up and down shifting functions
  • Improved A&S coupling
  • Light and compact new 6-axis-IMU
  • Slope dependent driver assistance systems: TCS, SCS and LIF with three intervention modes
  • ABS and Brake Control System (BC)
  • D-MODE selectable driving modes
  • New ultra-light Spin-Forged 17 inch wheels in 10 spoke design
  • Larger 180/70-17 rear tyre with 120/70-17 front tyre
  • Fully adjustable KYB® 41mm USD fork with revised settings
  • Adjustable KYB® damper with revised settings
  • 5 inch TFT colour instruments, controllable by handlebar switch
  • Radial front master cylinder, 298mm double discs
HJC RPHA 11 Superman DC Comics MC21 rot blau Motorradhelm Integralhelm Racing, L*
  • Farbloses, UV-behandeltes und Pinlock-prädisponiertes Display
  • Aussergewöhnliche Luftzirkulation dank Kalotte-Design mit einfacher Strömungsanpassung
  • Lufteinlass, der einen größeren Luftstrom aufnehmen kann
  • Breitere Belüftungskanäle mit optimierter Belüftung des Helminneren
  • Kleinradsystem mit der Möglichkeit, bis zu 7 verschiedene Stellungen einzustellen

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