To replace the clutch and brake lever is not rocket science and can be done by anyone. Here I show you based on the upcoming construction of my racing machine how to do it.

[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]As I recently reported are a few minor alterations to on my racing bike. Here I describe the first handles on the small ZXR 400 and it is also about the handles, the replacement of the brake and clutch levers.

Why the replacement of the brake and clutch Lever?

Brems-Kupplungshebel tauschen Anleitung
Bremshebel original

In my case, the brake lever was bent by a fall. Although he is still usable, but new lever simply have many advantages. I have decided for the short version of the levers of  V-Trec I‘ve been driving this levers for years on my road bike and they have also survived the crash in instructor training without problems.

Brems-Kupplungshebel tauschen AnleitungThey are machined from lightweight aluminum and have a 6times adjustable. That is, the pressure point of the brake should move through constant heavy load, this can be compensated with the adjustment. So you not arrived at a time into the void or the lever stroke is too long. For emergencies, they have a breaking point. This can be very important. In a crash, thus (usually) is still a piece of leverage available, so that you can continue.

Brems-Kupplungshebel tauschen AnleitungThe levers have an ABE, so that they can be used without registration in the traffic. On the track, this is care, but some degree of certainty want to have. China lever while there are cheaper, but in terms of quality, this is often a lottery. If the package is intercepted by the customs, the price advantage is mostly gone well, because you have to make a special trip to the Customs and must pay tax according to

From the brake your life may depend on, so I do not want to save here. Which is to say that the levers of VTrec already have an extremely good value for money! Many other providers charge double. The color of the lever and the adjuster can be selected visually the lever so are also an appreciation.

The exchange of the brake lever – Manual

Brems-Kupplungshebel tauschen AnleitungThe brake lever is extremely easy to replace. It is secured with a screw. This has to be turned out and clean the place now available. The bolts (not thread) is slightly greasy so that the lever then it stays nice smooth.

The new brake lever is easily inserted and secured with a screw. For full details of the torque should be seen in the Workshop Manual. I‘ve attached but by feel. Of course they should not be too loose and to depart it should not. smiley emoticons ugly

Brems-Kupplungshebel tauschen AnleitungWith the 6-way adjustable you can adjust accordingly favored position of the lever. 1 is close to the throttle grip and position 6 is farthest away. You have your fingers so still come off, but it must not get caught with pulled brake. This only applies if you do not slow down with all fingers. (I prefer the two-finger braking technique.) Otherwise, you have full braking power to be there before the lever rests on the throttle!

Exchange coupling lever – Manual

Brems-Kupplungshebel tauschen Anleitung
original Kupplungshebel

This procedure is similar to how the brake lever. First, however, you must unmount the clutch cable. For this purpose, you relaxed the rope first. Either the clutch handle itself by adjusting the wheel or the rope you hanging out of the engine.

Brems-Kupplungshebel tauschen Anleitung
Demontage der kompletten Armatur

Since I did not want to break down the paneling I relaxed the rope to the handle and dismantled the entire clutch system. Then the rope was easy to unhook. You have to be careful not to hurt the rope, so gross violence is to prevent the rope does not kinking.

Brems-Kupplungshebel tauschen Anleitung
Hier wurde der Tunnel bereits in den neuen Hebel eingeführt

Is the clutch cable unhooked it goes on like the brake lever. Dissolve the screw and occupies the old clutch lever out. In the case of ZXR 400 a metal tunnel from the old handle must away (easy with a screwdriver through press) and are used in the new clutch lever. Everything is cleaned and the new clutch lever is screwed. And tighten the screw with the freshly greased bolts.

Brems-Kupplungshebel tauschen Anleitung
Kupplungshebel kurz mit Verstellung

The rope must be re-attached and the clutch perch are screwed to the handlebar. Here are the two bracket moons first put on a page to this plan on one another, only then is clamped to the other side.

Only now adjust and test the rope if the clutch works as usual. Possibly readjust.

How does the replacement of the brake and clutch lever for my motorcycle?

Just sometimes I can not answer that, but it should be similar like this manual. In the levers but is also a very detailed instructions, so it should be no problem.

Brems-Kupplungshebel tauschen Anleitung
Alles dabei, ABE, Anleitung und natürlich die Hebel

I wish to also not explain the exchange for all motorcycles, but rather to show how easy it is. Maybe it takes away the fear to lend a hand even on his motorcycle.

Did I forget something? Then just write in the comments.

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