The high-performance M models in the BMW motorcycle range have been causing a stir in the motorcycle scene for some time now.  The M 1000 RR and M 1000 R have already captured the hearts of many motorcycle fans, and only one model is missing to make the trio complete - the M 1000 XR.

Unveiling of the M 1000 XR

Now BMW is stoking anticipation with a promising teaser image on their social media channels.  It showed a motorcycle flaunting the unmistakable XR silhouette and a large M logo.  In the wake of this excitement, a reveal date for June 6, 2023 was also announced.  BMW’s message was “Are you ready for something new?” – a rhetorical question that undoubtedly attracted widespread interest.


What is expected?

What’s clear is that the M 1000 XR will be based on the higher-slung S 1000 XR power tourer.  The manufacturer suggests that the third M model will be available by the 2024 season at the latest.  Similar to the M 1000 R naked bike, the 1000 inline-four engine will come in a more sophisticated version.  Output of up to 210 hp is currently expected.


Features and specifications

Compared to the S 1000 XR, which has a rated output of 165 hp, this would be a huge jump of 45 hp.  The M 1000 XR will also be equipped with high-quality components, including a semi-active suspension.  Whether one falls back here to Öhlins or Marzocchi remains open. 

The manufacturer of the upgraded braking system is also not clear; components from Brembo or Nissin would be possible here.  However, the Nissin components, which are also used in the M 1000 R, would be a good choice.


Weight and speed

The M 1000 XR will save some weight compared to the standard version, here one reckons currently with about 220 kilograms have, which would mean a reduction of 6 kg.


Further expectations and assumptions

In addition to the increase in power and weight reduction, the M 1000 XR could benefit from an increased top speed.  There is also speculation that BMW could include modern winglets and motorsport features such as launch control or a laptimer, although the latter might not be a good fit for an XR.

Special carbon wheels could also be offered again as an option.



The upcoming introduction of the BMW M 1000 XR promises to be an exciting addition to the M model lineup.  With a significant increase in power, the high-quality components and the possible weight loss, it has the potential to take the top spot in this segment.  We will find out more on 6/6/2023.


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