Following the successful integration of the M automotive strategy into the motorcycle world in 2018, BMW Motorrad is continuing the series. The impressive family of high-performance motorcycles expands with the introduction of the BMWM 1000 XR, which joins the M 1000 RR and M 1000 R as the third M model.

A century of BMW – A new M experience

In the year of BMW Motorrad’s 100th anniversary, the company continues on its course of high-performance and exclusivity.  The M series traditionally stands for top performance and racing.


Technical refinements of the M 1000 XR

The M 1000 XR boasts impressive technical specifications: An impressive engine output of 201 hp (148 kW, 198.7 hp), a slim weight of 223 kg (491.63 pounds) and advanced aerodynamics and chassis technology promise top riding experiences.  Whether on twisty country roads, endurance tracks or racetracks, this motorcycle takes the riding experience to a new level.

The powerful four-cylinder engine, based on the S 1000 RR engine, delivers a peak output of 201 hp at 12,750 rpm.  Compared to the new S 1000 XR, the M 1000 XR offers 31 hp more.  With a maximum torque of 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm, the punch of this motorcycle is undeniable.


Aerodynamics meets design

The redesigned M-winglets increase front-wheel stability at higher speeds and enable optimized lap times on the racetrack.  Aerodynamics also play a crucial role at higher speeds, with the winglets taking effect as early as 100 km/h and especially at 220 km/h.


Advanced chassis technology

With the aluminum bridge frame as the central element, the chassis of the M 1000 XR offers maximum stability.  The upside-down fork, closed-cartridge inserts and Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) further enhance handling and riding dynamics.


Impressive braking system

The M 1000 XR is equipped with an advanced M braking system based on experience gained in the World Superbike Championship.  Combined with two 320 mm brake discs, this braking system represents the current pinnacle of braking technology.


Digital features and design

A 6.5-inch TFT display provides a clear view of all important data, while the M design and dynamic design language signal pure sportiness.  With a sleek design, quad-wing winglets and a striking color scheme, the M 1000 XR combines sportiness with elegance.


Even more with the M Competition package

For those who want to get the most out of their M 1000 XR, the M Competition package offers further exclusive features.  Among other things, it includes M Carbon wheels, M Carbon parts and a fully adjustable M rider footrest system, making the bike another 3 kg (6.61 pounds) lighter.



The new BMW M 1000 XR sets impressive standards in the world of motorized two-wheelers.  With its combination of impressive performance, state-of-the-art technology and aerodynamic innovations, it stands as the epitome of sporting excellence in the field of long-distance sports bikes.  The incorporation of the M philosophy, which stands for high performance and racing success worldwide, gives this motorcycle a special status. In addition, BMW Motorrad’s M Competition package offers a way to further customize and optimize the M 1000 XR. All in all, the M 1000 XR presents itself as a masterpiece of BMW engineering and design prowess that more than meets the high demands of performance enthusiasts. It is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable motorcycles to be unveiled in recent times and is sure to impress both on the track and on the road.


The highlights of the new BMW M 1000 XR.

  • Switching cam engine of the S RR, output 148 kW (201 hp) at 12 750 min-1 and thus 23 kW (31 hp) more than in the new S 1000 XR. Max. Torque of 113 Nm at 11 000 min-1.
  • Shorter secondary gear ratio (sprocket with 47 teeth instead of 45).
  • Shorter gear ratios of 4th, 5th and 6th gears.
  • Optimized intake system with variable intake funnels for improved charge exchange at high rpm.
  • Steeper titanium rear muffler with carbon
  • carbon end cap.
  • M Endurance chain.
  • Driving modes “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic”, “Race” and “Race Pro1-3” as well as latest generation of Dynamic Traction Control DTC and DTC Wheelie function with
  • 6-axis sensor box.
  • Now four adjustable throttle characteristics for optimum response. “Engine Brake” with triple adjustability of engine drag torque in “Race Pro” mode.
  • Brake Slide Assist to support the driver during braking drifts.
  • Shift Assist Pro for fast upshifts and downshifts without clutch.
  • Launch Control for perfect race starts and Pit Lane Limiter for precise speed in the pit lane.
  • Hill Start Control Pro for comfortable hill starts.
  • M Winglets: Brake later and accelerate earlier, plus more high-speed stability thanks to aerodynamic downforce.
  • Upside-down fork with adjustable spring base in conjunction with standard DDC.
  • M brakes on a long-distance sports bike from BMW Motorrad for the first time: the M XR with maximum braking performance for the road and the racetrack.
  • Forged aluminum wheels.
  • M Carbon wheels with M tapes and M lettering on the rim: Noble, lightweight high-tech components for maximum performance as part of the optional
  • M Competition package.
  • M handbrake and clutch lever.
  • Adjustable steering damper.
  • Over-milled handlebar clamp.
  • Tubular handlebars oriented further forward than on the S 1000 XR with laser-etched “BMW M XR” lettering.
  • Handlebar end mirrors (optional).
  • Headlights with iconic light signature and adaptive cornering lights (Headlight Pro).
  • Short license plate holder.
  • Instrument cluster with large, perfectly readable 6.5-inch TFT display, start-up animation with M logo and OBD interface usable via unlock code for
  • M GPS data logger including M GPS lap trigger.
  • New display of the tachometer (red area).
  • Lightweight M battery, rear USB charging port, powerful LED light units, electronic cruise control and heated grips.
  • Keyless Ride.
  • M Design and dynamic design language signal ultimate performance.
  • M Competition package as optional equipment ex works.
  • RDC as standard.
  • Extensive range of optional extras and special equipment ex works.


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