At a technical workshop in France, BMW introduced the E-Power Roadster Concept.

The prototype looks like a mixture of S 1000 R (front) and R 1200 R (rear). It should afford 100 kW (134 hp) and 200 Nm. The power is transferred to the rear wheel by cardan.

200 km/h one should be possible easily in this configuration, but currently the prototype is regulated at 160 km/h.


The vehicle weights 296 kg. According to BMW, one should be able to easily lose 30 kilograms. However, this is likely to be at the expense of reach, to which there are no data yet.

The battery has 13 kWh and is charged by CCS (Combined Charging System). For an 80% charge, 30 minutes are given. Currently, the (fast) charging power still needs to be throttled, as it creates too much heat and the space for an active cooling is missing (in this way, the problem is solved in cars).


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Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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