At a press conference in China, Benelli presented the product plan for 2020. According to this, several not yet presented motorcycles are to be published this year. Among other things, a TRK800 adventure bike, an Imeriale and a 600cc four-cylinder sportbike come.

The introduction of the first new models can be expected from mid-2020 (see time scale). It also indicates that the updated TNT600i will go into production in February. The TRK502X follow in March and the Leoncino 800 at the end of April. The unknown new models will follow from May.


The scale shows the models 600N and 600RR in mid-May. Last year, pictures of a naked bike based on the TNT600 made the round. This could been the 600N, at least the N could stand for Naked.

The 600RR should be a full fairing sportbike, since RR generally stands for Race Replica. It would be Benelli’s first sportbike since the end of the tornado.


For June, a 250cc retro motorcycle follows, which is said to resemble the current Imperale 400. The small Harley-Davidson HD338 should also be released during this period. The Baby Harley is powered by Benelli’s 302S two-cylinder and Qianjiang is responsible for production in China, which also oversees Benelli’s production in China, so a Harley on this list makes perfect sense. However, the Harley will probably only appear on the Asian and Indian markets.


Next is a model with the name Imperale 530. Here the 400cc single cylinder of the Imperale 400 is to be used, which is to be drilled out to around 530cc.


The Benelli TRK800 will follow in September. It is an adventure bike with a 754cc parallel twin, which is also used in the Leoncino 800.


Another 600 model will follow at the end of the year, the 600GT. One can assume that in addition to the 600cc sportbike and the naked bike with the GT a touring motorcycle will follow.


The Bike Shield - Motorrad-Garage - schützende Zelt-Abdeckplane (Größe S)*
  • The Bike Shield muss sicher im Boden verankert werden. Einfach zu handhabende Schutz- und Abdeckungsmöglichkeit mit einem Design, das sich wie ein Zelt als Motorradgarage um Ihr Motorrad legt und es...
  • 1 Jahr Garantie. 16 Quadratrohre, eine Bodenplatte und ein Verriegelungssystem, alle mit Galvanisierung, sorgen dafür, dass Ihr Motorrad sicher geschützt ist.
  • 100 % wasserdicht, besonders dicke Polyurethanbeschichtung auf der Innenseite mit einer Wassersäule von 2000 mm. Außenseite mit stark wasserabweisenden Eigenschaften und Schutz vor schädlicher...
  • Um Feuchtigkeit aus der Motorradgarage abzuführen, ist sie mit Belüftungsöffnungen ausgestattet.
  • Praktisch - kein Kontakt von Auspuff und Abdeckung, einfach parken und abdecken, alles in nur drei Sekunden.

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Benelli Plan 2020

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Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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Letzte Aktualisierung am 2023-01-04 / *Affiliate Links / Bilder von der Amazon Product Advertising API  

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