Ariel Ace Iron Horse aat the Motorcycle Live

On the 16th of November the expo Motorcycle Live starts in Birmingham. Ariel plans to introduce the latest model of the Ace series, the Ace Iron Horse.

Ariel does not have two motorcycles that are completely the same. Although the corresponding model has a common basis, it is adjusted individually for the buyer. It will be the same with the Iron Horse, which stands out with its polished, CNC-machined frame made of aluminum.

The Ariel Grinder-Fork at the front is also a eyecatcher. It is dampened  with a special Öhlins-TTX damper, which is completely adjustable. Since it is located at the front directly behind the headlight, it should be comfortable to adjust.


For drive they use the well-known Honda V4 with 76 degrees and 1.237cc, that Ariel uses in several Ace models. It makes 175 PS (173 hp) and 129 Nm. For the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (96.56 km / h) three seconds are given, for the maximum speed 170 mph (273.58 km / h).


Tom Siebert (Ariel Motorcycle Manager) explains that on customer’s request one can polish just about every part of the bike. However, this does not apply to the many carbon parts that have been installed.

The footpegs of the Iron Horse are adjustable, it uses LED lighting, an LCD instrument and Nissin 6-piston calipers. It is equipped with ABS and traction control.


The price is just under 35,000 euros or a good $ 38,000


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