British electric motorcycle manufacturer Arc is celebrating its entry into the North American market with the release of the extremely limited Founder's Signature Edition of the Arc Vector.  While the base model price is $128,000, this exclusive edition promises to attract only the most elite riders.

Background: Arc’s entry into the North American market

British electric motorcycle manufacturer, Arc, recently made its move into the North American market.  To celebrate the occasion, it unveiled a special edition of the existing Arc Vector model, called the Founder’s Signature Edition.  The special feature: Only two copies of this model will be made.


Features of the Founder’s Signature Edition

The base model of the Arc Vector is already considered one of the most advanced motorcycles on the market.  The Founder’s Signature Edition complements this portfolio with additional features.  These include a monocoque made of forged carbon fiber as well as body elements and wheels made of the same material.  Other details such as rose gold paint accents and a special Öhlins suspension round out the equipment.


Technical specifications: Engine and charging infrastructure

The engine output of the Founder’s Signature Edition is remarkable with 117 hp, 87 kW and 160 Nm of torque.  The top speed of the motorcycle is stated at over 200 km/h.  A CCS1 combo port is used to charge the battery, which is compatible with fast charging standards in the US.


Pricing information and availability

While the exact price for the Founder’s Signature Edition has yet to be determined, the base model of the Arc Vector will be priced at $128,000 (approximately 108,500 euros).  It can therefore be assumed that the limited edition will ksote a premium.

Mark Truman, Arc’s founder and CEO, had this to say in the press release announcing the launch of the Founder’s Signature Edition in North America: “It’s an honor to be part of Arc. That’s why it’s so special for me to have my name on two of these bikes.”



The Founder’s Signature Edition of the Arc Vector is a limited edition model that accompanies Arc’s entry into the North American market.  With its technical specifications and special features, it is expected to attract the attention of a very specific group of buyers, not something for the tight wallet.


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