The Aprilia RS 440, a mystery on two wheels, seems to reveal numerous secrets before its official unveiling: from aerodynamic differences to its bigger sister, the RS 660, to the new engine range. Until its presumed debut on September 7, here are the first glimpses.

Unveiling of the Aprilia RS 440: A hot autumn is on the way

The excitement surrounding the Aprilia RS 440 is reaching new heights, with Aprilia announcing a new motorcycle unveiling for September 7, 2023 at the Misano Grand Prix. Although not explicitly confirmed, it is strongly suspected that it could be the RS 440.


Aprilia RS 440: A hidden appearance

Recently, the upcoming Moto Guzzi Stelvio was spotted on test rides.  However, the pictures taken during these tests also show a motorcycle that could presumably be the Aprilia RS 440.  The motorcycle was disguised as the “RS 660”, but with some differences that could reveal its true identity.  For example, the motorcycle had only one brake disc on the front.  However, there are other differences that we will now look at in detail.


Comparison between the Aprilia RS 660 and the Aprilia RS 440: differences in appearance and equipment

Although the Aprilia RS 440 shares many common features with its bigger sister, the RS 660, the pictures do show significant differences between the two models.

There is no denying the common ground, for example, the frame of the RS440 appears to be identical to that of the RS660.

Among the changes, however, is the design of the front and the headlights, even if at first glance it looks the same.  But the front of the RS 440 has been masked off, which could indicate differences from the RS 660.  It looks like the daytime running lights could be wider, which would make a bigger change visually after all.

A concise feature of the RS 660 is the double fairing, which allows for aerodynamic improvements by creating more downforce at the front.  The RS 440, on the other hand, does not have this double fairing.  Of course, that could be because the RS 440, with its smaller displacement, lower power output and consequently lower top speed, doesn’t necessarily need such an aerodynamic fairing either.

Visual differences also concern the mirrors, which have a different position and shape on the RS 440.  They are more laterally aligned and no longer diagonally upwards, as is the case with the RS 660.  The shape of the mirrors is somewhat reminiscent of specimens from Kawasaki.

There are also differences in the windshield area. On the RS 440, the windshield is shorter.  The cockpit behind it is flat in the upper area, which was still pointed on the RS660. 

The position of the footpegs on the RS 440 also seems to differ.  They could be located slightly lower, which would mean a more comfortable but less sporty-intensive riding position.

The differences continue all the way to the rear of the bike.  The swingarm on the RS 440 has a much simpler design compared to the RS 660.  The rear end also has a modified shape.  On the RS660, there was still a V-shaped finish, which on the RS440 now looks like it has been bent again, creating a W shape.  Also the license plate holder seems to be less filigree on the RS 440.


Completely new engine series?

Interesting are the hints that Aprilia plans to develop a series of engines with different displacements.  Patent drawings that have surfaced in China indicate that Aprilia is developing a 250cc two-cylinder engine that features water cooling, a DOHC cylinder head and a cable clutch.  However, the case of this engine seems rather too large for the stated displacement of 250 cubic centimeters.  This could indicate that the 250 cubic centimeters is only the smallest expansion stage of the new Twin and the engine could get up to the 440cc for the new RS.  Of interest is the planned 270-degree crankpin offset, which differs from the traditional 180-degree layout.

A maximum power of 48 hp is expected, which would then be suitable for the European A2 driving license.  In terms of weight, the 175 kg that would then count as the minimum weight (max. 0.2 kW per kg) could be achieved.


Technical details and equipment of the Aprilia RS 440

The Aprilia RS 440 is equipped with a sporty upside-down fork at the front and a monoshock at the rear and rolls on 17-inch tires.  Whether the supspemsoion will be adjustable is currently unclear.  The RS 440 also scores with modern features like full LED lighting all around and will presumably get a TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity.  Rumors also talk about a traction control system and quickshifter, though I don’t really like to believe in that at the moment.


However, it’s important to stress that all these details were derived based on preliminary images and information. We will probably only find out the final design and exact features of the Aprilia RS 440 when it is officially unveiled.


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Aprilia RS 440
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