Ace Motorcycles gives up location in the Philippines

As announced, the Ace Motorcycles Location in the Philippines will be closed. The reason given is the widespread corruption there.


So far, Ace Motorcycles has occupied an important area for the Philippines. They produced cheap motorcycles between 250 and 400cc in retro style, as well as adventure and dual sports for the masses.

In the Philippines there is a rule that only motorcycles with at least 400cc are allowed to drive on expressways. For many, the Ace motorcycles were an important means of transportation across several cities or provinces.


Ace Motorcycles: “We have had to make this hard decision after we found it impossible to carry out importing motorcycles in an honest and trustworthy manner”


Ace Motorcycles will continue to provide service, parts and technical support for previously sold motorcycles. Even models that are still in the sales rooms can still be bought and registered.

Ace Motorcycles hopes to reopen the location when bureaucracy corruption has decreased.


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