Yamaha R7 presented

With the R7, Yamaha adds another model to its sporty R series. Purely in terms of performance, however, the new model can not really live up to the legendary name. There will even be a 35 kW variant for A2 license holders.


Legendary name

From 1999, only 500 units of the original YZF-R7 were built in order to get a World Superbike license. The factory racing machine was also used in the 8 Hours of Suzuka. It is considered one of the most exotic and sought-after Japanese motorcycles ever built. With the new R7 Yamaha wants to pay respect to the original model and also the new model should be a supersport machine of a different kind.


Revised engine

For propulsion provides the CP2 engine, which is already known from the MT-07. For the R7, however, it has been revised somewhat. In addition to optimized air intakes, it has been given a new ECU tuning and fuel injection. It has a displacement of 689cc and produces 73.4 PS or 54 kW at 8,750 rpm. The maximum torque of 67 Nm is available at 6,500 rpm.

The changes are said to give the engine better controllability, as well as smoother and more direct throttle response. A slightly shorter gear ratio provides a sportier character with stronger acceleration.



The Yamaha R7 is equipped with an anti-hopping clutch that provides smooth gear changes, especially when downshifting from high rpm. It prevents the engine from over-revving and the rear wheel from locking up when downshifting. It is also said to have a positive effect on the manual force required at the clutch lever.

A quickshifter is offered as an option. A blipper function, i.e. downshifting the gears without a clutch, seems to be not offered yet.

The 41mm KYB upside-down fork is fully adjustable. The wheelbase is 1,395mm and the weight distribution is 51/49, so Yamaha designed the R7 for sharp, fast cornering.


The R7 offers a sporty seating position. The stub handlebars, seat and footrests have been positioned accordingly. The knee recesses in the tank provide additional support. Optionally, Yamaha offers a cover for the pillion seat.

Braking is at the front with radially mounted 4-piston calipers. The radial master cylinder is from Brembo and is said to provide linear braking force and thus improved control.

The cockpit has been redesigned with lightweight LCD instruments that are said to be easy to read. Displays include gear engaged, optimal shift timing and the status of the Quickshifter if ordered.


Aerodynamically optimized

The fairing has been optimally adapted for the R7 and aerodynamically optimized to offer as little air resistance as possible. The compact CP2 engine has made it possible to make the R7 extremely slim. It is the slimmest machine in the R series, even slimmer than the R3 or R125. Ready to ride, it weighs 188 kg.


Colors and availability

Offered will be the upcoming Yamaha R7 in Icon Blue and Yamaha Black colors. Delivery in Europe will begin in October 2021, and the MSRP will be announced shortly.


Technical Highlights

  • Compact, high-torque CP2 engine with 689cc
  • displacement and 270° crankpin offset
  • Available as open version and 35 kW variant
  • Ultra-compact design with pure R-series DNA
  • Extremely aerodynamic fairing
  • High-quality 41 mm upside-down fork
  • Pivoted monocross rear suspension with newly developed shock absorber
  • Anti-hopping clutch
  • Lightweight tubular frame with aluminum center brace for optimized strength
  • Stub handlebars and lightweight footpeg system
  • Sporty and adaptable crouched riding position
  • Aggressive R-series front end with dual LED position lights
  • Powerful central LED headlight
  • Lightweight 10-spoke cast alloy wheels
  • Radial front brake calipers with radial
  • Brembo master cylinder
  • Supersport cockpit design with full LCD instruments
  • Central, M-shaped air intake in the front fascia
  • Powerful front and rear brakes
  • Slim 13-liter fuel tank with deeply molded knee recesses
  • R-series style rear end
  • Front wheel: 120/70, rear wheel: 180/55




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