With the RockBob, BMW accessories specialist Wunderlich has presented a concept bike based on the BMW R 18. A minimalist design has been radically implemented.

With the RockBob, BMW accessories specialist Wunderlich has presented a concept bike based on the BMW R 18. A minimalist design has been radically implemented.

Wunderlich has created a minimalist bobber out of the cruiser, but they didn’t just leave things out, the detail solutions make a big difference. At the clean rear, the fender nestles around the rear wheel like a second skin, as the distance between them has been reduced to the bare minimum. The license plate holder has been placed on the left side. You really have to search for the 3-in-1 taillights, as long as they are off. The lights are extremely small and have been incorporated into the seat. Under the ride, in the illuminated state, they can be seen by other road users very well.


Almost completely black

The RockBob is almost completely black, the exhaust system was specially coated with a heat-resistant ceramic coating. The engine was painted black. In addition to the matte black, double lines in a gloss black were applied to the tank and fenders. Only the seat and grips are in a cognac tone. The spring saddle is adjustable and the genuine leather has diamond-shaped stitching.

At the end of the handlebar grips are also turn signals and mirrors. Chromed series applications or plastic parts was replaced by milled parts.


Individually or as a package

Wunderlich offers the parts complete but also individually, where you do not have to worry about a road approval. All parts are legal for the road and can be mounted without flexing or welding. Even a complete rebuild to original condition is possible at any time with the parts from Wunderlich.


RockBob Individual Customizing

Paint and surface treatment

  • Engine painted and finished to a high quality in matt black
  • Numerous series chrome parts finished to a high quality and then painted matt black
  • Series manifold and exhaust system of the BMW R 18 Classic suitably heat-resistant in black
  • ceramic coated
  • Tank painted in high-quality matt black and tone-in-tone with glossy double-lining of
  • parallel wide and narrow line refined
  • Wunderlich custom front and rear fenders made of aluminum, high quality matt black lacquered with
  • glossy double-lining – matching the tank design and finish
  • Wunderlich custom license plate holder relocates the license plate to the left side and creates
  • space for the clean, splendid rear end. On the RockBob perfectly combined with the rear fender and
  • the extremely miniaturized, hidden 3in1 taillights
  • Custom riser for the handlebar (Ø 32 mm)
  • Wunderlich engine shield, on the side, very noble with raised Wunderlich lettering



  • Classic saddlery: Swing saddle covered with selected cognac-colored leather – partially
  • partially stitched with diamond-shaped stitching; the tanning allows the creation of an individual
  • individual patina
  • Leather-covered handles, design and color matching the swing saddle


Chassis and wheels

  • Wheel set: rims, hubs and spokes completely finished in black
  • Rear wheel spoked to 6.00×16 with tire 200/60-16 (standard 180 rear wheel), front wheel spoked to
  • 50×16 with tire 130/90-16


Wunderlich components

  • Of course, numerous components from the Wunderlich range have been integrated into the RockBob: These include, for example, the fenders, the side license plate holder, turn signals, handlebar end mirrors, the adjustable clutch and brake levers and much more. Wunderlich will shortly be adding the swinging saddle to the range for the R 18 series and supplementing it with a black variant made of imitation leather.



  • The conversion of the RockBob concept bike was carried out by Wunderlich – as always – roadlegally. This means that if the components used are not already exempt from registration, they have an ABE or are registrable by expert opinion.


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