HJC and DC Comics continue their collaboration with the latest design in the RPHA 11 Pro series, featuring Batman antagonist Two-Face.  The RPHA 11 Pro is a sporty full-face helmet suitable for both track and street use.

A new design for the RPHA 11 Pro series

The collaboration between helmet manufacturer HJC and DC Comics continues with the latest design for the RPHA 11 Pro series.  This time, the focus is on longtime Batman adversary Two-Face.  Two-Face’s origins lie in the character of Gotham City’s mild-mannered, justice-loving district attorney Harvey Dent, who became a supervillain after an encounter with gangster Sal Maroni and acid.  This colorful motif now adorns the latest HJC RPHA 11 Pro helmet.


RPHA 11 Pro: A helmet for track and street

Originally, HJC developed the RPHA 11 Pro for the racetrack.  Today, it’s a solid option for sporty full-face helmets.  It meets DOT and ECE 22.05 standards and features a shell that HJC calls Premium Integrated Matrix (PIM) construction.  This combines multiple layers of materials such as carbon fiber and carbon fiber-reinforced glass fabric to create a lighter, more comfortable and impact-resistant helmet.


Visibility protection and interior comfort

The visor included with the RPHA 11 Pro is the HJ-26, which offers 95 percent UVA and UVB protection.  It includes provisions for tear-off visors, which can be purchased separately if needed.  Also included is a dark-tinted visor.  The removable liner features goggles to provide a comfortable fit for eyeglass wearers.  The fabric is made of MultiCool with Polygiene antibacterial treatment, is moisture wicking and quick drying.  The inner lining can be removed and washed to provide freshness after strenuous rides.


Ventilation and safety

The RPHA 11 Pro benefits from HJC’s MotoGP-proven ventilation channels, which promote both aerodynamic and ventilation properties.  Other features include Emergency Kit cheek pads that help first responders in the event of an accident and facilitate quick helmet removal.  In addition, the RPHA 11 Pro features HJC’s Rapid Fire visor change system, which uses a simple ratchet mechanism to allow tool-free visor changes as needed.


Spare parts and sizes

All internal and external parts of the RPHA 11 Pro are replaceable, including all external vents, chin guard, breath deflector, cheek pads and, of course, visors.  Sizes range from XS to 2XL, with a full sizing chart available on the HJC website, including head circumference, cheek pad and liner sizes.


Availability and pricing

HJC distributes its helmets worldwide, but not all designs are available in all markets.  Prices and availability may vary.  In the U.S., the suggested retail price for the HJC RPHA 11 Pro Two-Face is $629.99.


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