Triumph to develop complete motocross and enduro range

Triumph has announced that they are looking to develop a complete Motocross and Enduro range and enter the relevant racing sector with it.

They want to set up a factory program and compete at a top level in high-level championships in the motocross and enduro sector. To that end, they’ve secured some top-notch help. Motocross legend Ricky Carmichael and five-time Enduro World Champion Ivan Cervantes will help test the bikes and also to prepare them for racing.

When exactly the models will be presented and from when one will start in which series, was not yet revealed, Triumph wants to announce more about this in the coming months.


Nick Bloor: CEO Triumph Motorcycles Ltd: “Today’s announcement marks the start of a new chapter for the TRIUMPH brand and everyone at TRIUMPH is incredibly excited to be part of it. We are 100 percent committed to making a lasting impression in this challenging and demanding competitive environment. Our goal is to deliver a winning motorcycle lineup to a new generation of TRIUMPH riders.”


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