TRIUMPH Motorcycles is relaunching the Tiger 900 line for the 2024 model year. With increased power, improved torque, enhanced rideability and increased comfort, it promises to take mid-range motorcycle adventure to a new level.

Models, technology and performance

Three models are offered for 2024: Tiger 900 GT, GT Pro and Rally Pro.  All feature the iconic 900cc three-cylinder engine – the hallmark of the Tiger 900, but this has been extensively revised and improved, resulting in a 13 percent increase in power to an impressive 108 hp (79.5 kW) at 9,500 rpm with peak torque of 90 Nm at 6,850 rpm.

The special T-plane crankshaft and staggered ignition intervals ensure that the Tiger 900 retains its unique sound and characteristic power delivery.  Also encouraging is the up to 9 percent reduction in fuel consumption despite the increased power.

Top speed is quoted at 193 km/h, with “stationary noise” at 92 dB(A) at 4,750 rpm.


Tiger 900 GT

The base model of the TRIUMPH Tiger 900 range, the Tiger 900 GT, provides the foundation for the series’ riding experience.  The GT was designed specifically for street riding and touring.  Its strengths lie in the adjustable Marzocchi suspension, which prioritizes both comfort and control on paved roads. It is also equipped with lightweight cast wheels (19 and 17 inches) that guarantee balanced road handling.

Tiger 900 GT Pro

An evolved version of the GT model, the Tiger 900 GT Pro represents a blend of on-road comfort and advanced technologies.  While it retains the same powerful three-cylinder engine and Marzocchi suspension of the GT model, it offers additional technological advantages.  A standout feature is the electronically adjustable rear suspension, which allows riders to dynamically adjust the suspension to suit different loads and riding situations.  This makes the GT Pro particularly versatile and suitable for those who want to cope with frequently changing road conditions and loading situations.

Tiger 900 Rally Pro

The Tiger 900 Rally Pro is the ultimate model for off-road enthusiasts within the Tiger 900 range.  While it retains the series’ powerful 900cc three-cylinder engine, it differs significantly in its orientation and features.  Equipped with robust Showa adjustable suspension elements, it offers an impressive 240 mm of front and 230 mm of rear travel (180 / 170 mm on the other models), making it the first choice for off-road adventures.  This is complemented by tubeless spoke wheels that have been specially developed for off-road use.  Technologically, it stands out with its Off-Road Pro riding mode, which allows the most accomplished off-road riders to disable ABS and traction control for a purist off-road experience.

In addition, the Rally Pro rides on a 21-inch front wheel, where the other two models are equipped with 19 inches.

Safety and comfort

A number of new active safety features have been introduced, including an update to the braking components and a new emergency brake warning system.  The addition of marker lights promises to improve visibility in the dark.  A 7-inch TFT instrument panel, a USB-C charging port in the cockpit and My TRIUMPH Bluetooth connectivity enhance driving comfort.

The redesigned driver’s seat promises greater comfort and freedom of movement.  For added luxury, seat heaters are available on Pro models.  Seat height adjustments and an optional heated seat provide further comfort.

Design and individualization

Visual changes are most notable in the new front bodywork, cockpit and sides.  This gives the motorcycle a modern, adventurous look.  An extensive list of over 50 accessories, led by a new Akrapovič muffler, allows riders to customize their Tiger 900.

Performance on and off the road

Each model has its own specially tuned suspension.  The GT models are optimized for touring and street riding (Marzocchi suspension), while the Rally Pro is designed for maximum off-road performance with its Showa suspension.

The Brembo Stylema calipers provide effective braking performance and sensitive braking.  They can bite into two floating 320 mm brake discs at the front wheel (plus optimized cornering ABS).

More control and safety

New safety features such as the emergency brake warning system and optimized cornering ABS increase the level of safety.  Diverse driving modes allow adaptation to different driving conditions and preferences.  The Slip and Assist clutch system makes riding easier in challenging terrain and city traffic.


With the revised Tiger 900 lineup for 2024, TRIUMPH Motorcycles presents an impressive lineup for adventure bike enthusiasts. Whether on the road or off, the new Tiger 900 promises a premium riding experience. With a combination of performance, comfort and safety, it clearly raises the bar in the middle class of adventure bikes.

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