Triumph's 2024 model range is being refreshed with unique and dynamic new color options.  The Roadster, Rocket 3 and Tiger and Tiger Sport models feature expressive new colors that are available to order now.

Colorful designs for Speed Triple 1200 RS and Trident 660

The Speed Triple 1200 RS, Triumph’s ultimate performance naked sports bike, now offers three stylish color options.  New additions include a striking and dynamic Carnival Red design, alongside familiar Matte Silver Ice and Sapphire Black options, all topped off with silver RS graphics.

The eye-catching new color variant features a Carnival Red tank, headlight surround, side panels, rear fairing, seat cover and nose spoiler, as well as a front fender in natural carbon. Topping it all off are aluminum silver RS graphics.


Triumph’s sporty and agile Trident 660, powered by a three-cylinder engine, gets a striking new color option for 2024: Jet Black and Triumph Racing Yellow.  This variant showcases the signature Triumph logo on the tank, similar to the Silver Ice and Diablo Red designs already available, as well as the popular Matte Jet Black and Silver Ice options.  A classic Sapphire Black rounds out the four color options.

This new design features a Jet Black tank, headlight surround and front fender, plus eye-catching Triumph Racing Yellow trim on the radiator, rear cowl and corresponding graphics on the fender.


Sophisticated new colors for Triumph’s Rocket 3 models

The ultimate muscle bike, the Rocket 3 R, now comes in three refined color options: Matte Silver Ice, classic Triumph Sapphire Black and a stunning new design in Sapphire Black and Carnival Red with Silver Ice details.

The new design includes a Sapphire Black tank with a Carnival Red inlay and Silver Ice graphic line, as well as a Sapphire Black front cowl, headlight mount, side panels, fender and lower radiator cowl and upper radiator cowl and fender mounts in Matte Aluminum Silver.

Triumph’s world-leading Rocket 3 GT will be available in two sophisticated color options: a metallic Sapphire Black that enhances the Rocket’s muscular presence, and the same striking new design in Sapphire Black and Carnival Red with Silver Ice detailing seen on the Rocket 3 R.


Tiger models show off stunning new designs

The Tiger Sport 850, Triumph’s perfect adventure all-rounder for the road, will be available in two striking color options: a bold design in Graphite and Diablo Red and a new, refined option in Graphite and Jet Black.  This variant includes a jet-black tank end cover, lower radiator cowl, beak and fenders, graphite tank and seat cover, and textured radiator exhaust port.

Triumph’s versatile, three-cylinder engine-powered Tiger Sport 660, awarded for its design, will be available in three stylish color options.  The new refined options in Snowdonia White and Jet Black or Jet Black and Graphite complement the bold and striking design in Korosi Red and Graphite.

The first new color option includes a Snowdonia White tank, fairing and cockpit, rear cover, front fender and radiator shroud in Jet Black, while the second new option features a Jet Black tank, cockpit fairing and rear cover, and a Graphite front fender and radiator shroud.


Bold color schemes for Speed Triple 1200 RS and Trident 660

– Speed Triple 1200 RS

o Carnival Red NEW

o Matt Silver Ice

o Sapphire Black



– Trident 660

o Jet Black & Triumph Racing Yellow NEW

o Silver Ice & Diablo Red

o Matt Jet Black & Silver Ice

o Sapphire Black


Sophisticated color scheme for both Rocket 3 models

– Rocket 3 R

o Sapphire Black & Carnival Red with Silver Ice NEW

o Matt Silver Ice

o Sapphire Black


– Rocket 3 GT

o Sapphire Black & Carnival Red with Silver Ice NEW

o Sapphire Black


Tigers sport striking new schemes

– Tiger 850 Sport

o Graphite & Jet Black NEW

o Graphite & Diablo Red


– Tiger Sport 660

o Snowdonia White & Jet Black NEW

o Jet Black & Graphite NEW

o Korosi Red & Graphite


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