Metzeler has developed a tire for modern and powerful cruisers, custom bikes and heavy touring motorcycles, the Cruisetec.

Tires for powerful cruisers – Metzeler Cruisetec

The motorcycle tire should provide excellent grip and traction, whether in the curve or on the straight. The rear tire has a bi-compound blend. This means that a softer rubber has been used on the outside of the tire area, which increases the grip in an inclined position.

Compared to other V-Twin tires, the Cruisetec has a greater curvature of the tire contour, so the tire is rounder. That makes it even more agile when cornering. Due to the adapted tire contour, it should also run more evenly and provide consistent performance over the entire service life.

The new design should give a smooth and easy ride. The driver should therefore find it very easy to make a precise line choice.

Due to the silica content of the tire has a short warm-up time, as well as a good grip in the dry and wet.

The Metzeler Cruisetec will be available from January 2019 in the following sizes:

Tire sizes (front):

  • MT90B16 TL 72H
  • 130/90B16 TL REINF 73H
  • 150/80-16 TL 71H
  • 130/80B17 TL 65H
  • 130/70R18 TL 63H
  • 130/60B19 TL 61H
  • 100/90-19 TL 57H
  • 120/70ZR19 TL (60W)
  • 110/90-19 TL 62H
  • MH90-21 TL 54H
  • 120/70B21 REINF TL 68H

Tire sizes (rear):

  • MU85B16 TL 77H
  • 180/65B16 REINF TL 81H
  • 150/80B16 REINF TL 77H
  • 130/90B16 REINF TL 73H
  • 180/70B16 TL 77H
  • 180/60R16 REINF TL 80H
  • MT90B16 TL 74H
  • 200/55R16 TL 77H
  • 160/70B17 REINF TL 79V
  • 200/55R17 TL 78V
  • 180/55B18 REINF TL 80H
  • 240/40VR18 TL (79V)
  • 180/55ZR18 TL (74W)
  • 150/70B18 REINF TL 76H
  • 260/40VR18 TL (84V)
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