Polish extreme and indoor legend, Taddy Blazusiak, is switching to GASGAS as their leading enduro rider.

Polish extreme and indoor legend, Taddy Blazusiak, is switching to GASGAS as their leading enduro rider.


Blazusiak is a six-time FIM SuperEnduro World Champion, a five-time AMA EnduroCross champion, a five-time Erzbergrodeo winner, he has won four gold medals at the X-Games and was able to win the Red Bull Last Man Standing. He is one of the greatest athletes in his sport.

In the future, he will drive the GASGAS EC 300 in extreme enduro competitions and compete on a GASGAS EC 350F in classic enduro and indoor competitions.


Taddy Blazusiak: “This is a really cool and exciting change in my career, the start of a new chapter for me. It’s an honor to lead the GASGAS brand back into enduro and I really want to do everyone proud.

By joining this project from the beginning, I feel like I can really help to bring some value by using my experience to develop the bike and to show people what we are all about. There’s a freshness and a lot of energy about everything and I’m excited for people to see what we’ve been working on.

Everyone that knows me knows how competitive I am, racing in new colors definitely makes me more determined to challenge for more race wins. Being a GASGAS rider means I get to race their exciting new enduro models as well as train on their amazing trial machines.

Before I began competing in enduro, my trial career started with GASGAS. I won the European Trial Championship with them in 2004, so it’s very important to me to create something special now. Trial is still a big part of my life, the perfect way to prepare for the WESS Enduro World Championship.

I’m already enjoying riding my TXT RACING 300 and know that I have the best bike available to sharpen my skills. Although this year has been different because of coronavirus, I do feel ready to get back racing. I’m really looking forward to returning to competition as a GASGAS rider.”


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