SWM Retro 125cc

As of February 2019, the two 125cc retro look, WSC Ace of Spades and Outlaw are available at the dealers.

SWM Retro 125cc

It is a scrambler with a raised double port exhaust. The power limit of 15 hp is fully utilized. The engine is water cooled.

The seat height is 72 cm, the tire size is 17 inches and it will weigh 130 kg. The two are equipped with upside-down forks and combined brake systems.

The Ace of Spades will be delivered in matt black, the outlaw in silver with a brown seat.

3790 € were given as a prize.

Sena 10C-PRO-01 Bluetooth Intercom, Schwarz
12 Bewertungen
Sena 10C-PRO-01 Bluetooth Intercom, Schwarz*
  • QUAD HD: 1440P 30FPS / FULL HD: 1080P 60FPS
  • Vier-Wege-Intercom, Universal Intercom, Bluetooth 4.1
  • Slimme Audiomix, Advanced Noise Control
  • Ferbedienung, WiFi Vorbereitet
  • Sprachbefehle

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