Presentation of the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 at the Intermot. The 2017 model looked closely. 


The presentation of the GSX-R 1000 and GSX-R 1000 R on the Intermot


GSX-R 1000 – At the beginning of the year, I was able to look at the concept bike at that time and I have also reported on it. On October 4th. It was then, the final version of the 2017 GSX-R was shown for the first time and data called. Of course, I had to look at them again.

Strictly speaking, I had to look at the two models closely, because as usual, the spearheads of the athletes are offered in two versions. The two listen to the name GSX-R 1000 and GSX-R 1000 R


What Suzuki values:


Suzuki had the foundation for a sports bike in sight and brought it to the point. Run – Turn – Stop. On these points one could summarize a sporty driving style. It was precisely these points that were being worked on. Acceleration, cornering so the cornering and braking. The goal was also to be the king of sport bikes. For this, a lot of MotoGP technology has also flowed into the series engine.

The Rennsport genes have got both versions grafted. The license plate holder and the mirror, glue the headlights off and onto the track



GSX-R 1000 2017 the data and compared to the previous model:


The motorcycle was built from scratch. New chassis, new engine, new face, electronic helper without end and and and. Of course, the R is more aimed at more ambitious race track drivers and is accordingly better equipped.

The engine delivers 202 hp at 13,200 rpm and 117, 6 Nm at 10,800 rpm. The red area starts at 14,500 and thus 1,000 turns later than the previous model.

The empty weight is given with 202 kg, the R with 203. There will still be a version without ABS, but probably not in our area, over the Euro4 with eagle eyes to prevent that. As with the new Fireblade, both versions have the same engine power. The differences are different.

The typical motor characteristics of the previous GSX-R models have been retained. Power even in the low and medium speed range. However, by means of a somewhat different engine design, more power should also be present in the upper engine speed range. A new drag and variable valve control was involved. The engine is 6.6 mm narrower and is more compact and more upright in the chassis. A better feel for the front wheel is to be achieved thereby.

The chassis is the most compact that they have ever produced, optimized for a good handling. The fairing was optimized aerodynamically, in the wind tunnel and on the race track


GSX-R 1000 Equipment and difference to the GSX-R 1000 R?


Both have a Ride by Wire, an electronic throttle which allows 3 different driving modes and traction control. In all driving modes the complete engine power is unfolded, but it changes as it does. There will be an easy start. A short press on the starter starts the engine. Sounds initially unspectacular, but no matter whether the engine is cold or hot, the engine is started reliably. So you do not have to organize until the engine is on, just press briefly, the rest folds automatically.

Exclusively for the R is the Quickshifter including blipper function, a higher quality chassis, position lights, a lighter battery, launch control and curves ABS

On the chassis one remains with the tried and tested – neither of the two versions is equipped with an electronic suspension. It remains classic, but of course fully adjustable.

There are, of course, a large number of sensors for the assistance systems. Front and rear wheel speeds are detected, crankshaft position and more. In addition, the movement of the new Gixxer is detected via 3 axes in 6 directions.

The traction control is adjustable in 10 steps and can also be adjusted while driving. Levels 1-4 are more suited for racing, 5-8 for athletes, 9 and 10 for wet roads.

LED technology is used for lighting.

Data and features of the GSX-R 1000 and R-Version 2017:

  • dsc00823202 hp at 13,200 revs
  • 117, 6 Nm at 10,800 U
  • The red area starts at 14,500 U
  • Weight 202 kg – 203 kg R-version
  • Wheelbase 1.410 mm
  • Seat height 825 mm
  • The tank holds 16 liters
  • Tire dimensions 120/70 17 inch front and 190/55 17 inch rear.
  • Ride by Wire
  • Traction control is in 10 stages
  • The two GSX-R models will be available from March at the dealer.
  • In the case of the GSX-R 1000 one can then choose between blue, red and matt-black.
  • The GSX-R 1000 R comes in blue and black.
  • Gyrosensor detects 6 directions over 3 axes
  • Quickshifter incl. Blipper (in the R version)
  • Position lights (in the R version)
  • Lighter battery (in the R version)
  • Launch Control (in the R version)
  • Curves ABS (in the R version)


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