Why are there Stainless Braided Brake lines and what is the difference to the normal Brake lines? What benefits do they have or are they only optical tuning for the motorcycle?

 [sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]Steel braided brake lines are highly recommended and also serve the security, so much must ever be said quite clearly! More expensive than normal brake lines, they are not. The contrary if you look at it closely even save you money, but now times one by one

Why at all changing brake lines?

Alte Bremsleitung. Auch der Spiraldraht bietet nicht viel Schutz
Alte Bremsleitung. Auch der Spiraldraht bietet nicht viel Schutz

How old is your motorcycle and when the brake lines were renewed for the last time? Ever before? Most manufacturers recommend replacement of the brake lines every four years. The rubber of the normal brake lines loses the plasticizer over the years and hardens. This is also favored by UV radiation and weathering. The rubber dries out and becomes brittle. In the worst case, a total failure of the brakes.

Ok, this is the worst case, but an old brake line you also noticed before. The pressure point (the point at which the brake engages), travels constantly toward the handle. Thus, one must increasingly brakes to achieve the necessary delay over time. This is a gradual process, so you realize it is usually quite late.

Durchgedrückter Bremshebel
Wenn man die Bremse so weit durchdrücken kann ist es nicht so toll. Ein Zweifingerbremser klemmt sich vorher die Finger ein bevor er überhaupt Bremswirkung hat! Hier sollte ganz schnell was gemacht werden!

If you travel with an identical machine as your own, one notices the smallest little things immediately. So what happened to me. At the first reach into the brake I was shocked. It happened almost nothing The brake lever was not set correctly, on the contrary, the setting was already maxed out and the brake pads and discs were new. It could be air in the system, so was vented. But there was no air. It just lay on the old brake line.

Replace brake line, why change to steel braided brake lines?

Because it is the logical conclusion! – Steel braided brake lines are more secure. They are robust and do not need to be replaced also. When replacing one must first grasp Although a little deeper into your pockets, but should be no damage to the line representing a further exchange after four years. A raccoon can where not as easily lay hands … They have, however, a number of other advantages.

Advantages of steel braided brake lines

Hier eine Stahlflex-Bremsleitung schwarz ummantelt.
Hier eine Stahlflex-Bremsleitung schwarz ummantelt.

That they are more robust than normal and no longer need to be replaced I’ve already written. This is due to the jacketed steel braided Teflon hose. This does not age and is much better protected by the steel mesh against damage. Stainless steel brake lines also draw water not as fast as normal brake lines.

The pressure point of the brake is already described above with steel braided among others an advantage. Through the jacket, the line can stretch less by the brake pressure. On constant and heavy braking, the brake is always so predictable and can not attack at once into the void. For a sporty driving style or on the track it’s almost a must!

The installation of the lines is not rocket science and can be done even while you do not have two left hands. It is important that the brake line is not kinked or squashed. Just venting a little trickier. It needs its own vacuum pump sucks the fluid through the conduit. With the normal pumping the brake you have no chance. The vacuum pumps are available in the shops but known in the art for about 50 euros or you simply borrows in a workshop.

Clear recommendation for stainless braided brake line lines of Melvin

logo-melvinHere I must express a clear recommendation for the local company in the Black Forest Melvin! I’m going for years with their product and I am completely satisfied!

The family business was founded in 1998. You get more than German quality offered in terms of scope, counseling and speed they can not be beat and all with ABE! That is, it must not be entered by TÜV – so there are no follow-up costs!

slider-3Melvin has V4A stainless steel braided lines in different colors (color coated) at no extra charge. Even the color of the connections can be chosen, the result is also a visual enhancement of the motorcycle. For almost any bike they can deliver within 24 hours, and all this of course with ABE (general approval). If you need custom made or special length is not a problem. This is done in a very short time and then comes with TÜV parts certificate so that registration is not a problem. They even have quick-release fasteners for racing.

If you have questions you can also get always a nice and competent answer and I have also been very helpful. There are really great people with great products and great service, hence the clear recommendation from me!

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