The SC1-R rear silencer from SC-Project is now available for the Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX (model year 2021-2023) and significantly improves the riding experience.

The SC1-R rear silencer from SC-Project is now available for the Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX (model year 2021-2023) and significantly improves the riding experience.


“Made in Italy” with the highest quality and top performance.

The SC-Project Research and Development Department has set the highest quality and performance standards in the development of the SC1-R. This enabled high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, such as the discreet but robust TIG welds and the use of sound-absorbing materials that can withstand extreme temperatures.  The internal exhaust duct is CNC machined from “full” alloy, the exhaust is manufactured using hydroforming, and the sporty end cap is made of carbon fiber.


Increased power and optimized performance

One hundred percent made in Italy, the SC1-R offers outstanding robustness and carefree miles on the Ninja 1000SX. It is Euro 5 compliant and its impressive sound meets legal requirements. It weighs about 40 percent less than the stock model and provides optimized power delivery as well as 1.2 hp and 1 Nm of additional power at 8500 rpm.


Easy installation and availability

Available in titanium and titanium with matte black ceramic coating, the SC1-R for the Ninja 1000SX is easy to install. No modification to the Kawasaki’s ECU mapping is required. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price starts at €780 in Germany and Austria and CHF1050 in Switzerland.



The SC1-R rear silencer from SC-Project combines design, technology and know-how in a successful way. This motorcycle model convinces with the highest quality and top performance, easy installation and optimized power delivery.


All data in the short overview

Highest quality and performance

  • The SC1-R rear silencer uses high-quality materials and modern manufacturing processes
  • Sound-absorbing materials and robust TIG welds ensure stability
  • Lightweight CNC machined light alloy, hydroformed exhaust and carbon fiber end cap

100% “Made in Italy

  • The SC1-R combines know-how, technology and design into a unique product
  • Exceptional robustness and countless carefree miles guaranteed

Euro 5 compliant & performance optimized

  • The impressive sound is fully compatible with the laws
  • At only 2.8 kg lighter than the original, provides 1.2 hp and 1 Nm more at 8500 rpm
  • Easy to install without ECU mapping change

Availability & Price

  • Available in titanium and titanium-with-matte-black-ceramic-coating versions
  • Recommended retail price: 780 € (Germany, Austria) / 1050 CHF (Switzerland)


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