Ruroc, the British motorcycle helmet brand, has unveiled its latest collection: the EOX Star Wars range. These helmets are based on the recently launched EOX model and feature designs inspired by the famous film series. The aim is to capture the spirit of the iconic characters and symbols, offering riders both protection and a tribute to their favorite characters.

EOX – Resistance Pilot

The EOX – Resistance Pilot helmet is finished in matte red and black and features the Resistance emblem.  This design is intended to emphasize the affiliation to the rebels.  Striking battle scars and decorative communication equipment complete the helmet, which was developed for fans of the Star Wars series who are looking for a connection to the fighters of the Resistance.

EOX – Mandalorian

The EOX – Mandalorian is designed in a sharp gunmetal gray and features decorative audio sensors and a symbolic weapon belt.  The helmet features the Mudhorn logo and reflects the aesthetic of a warrior from the Star Wars saga.  This design is particularly suitable for those who identify with the bounty hunters of the universe.

EOX – Rebel Pilot

The EOX – Rebel Pilot helmet is based on the look of the legendary Rogue Squadron.  It is marked with the emblem of the Rebel Alliance and designed in a battle-tested white, red and orange.  This helmet is aimed at riders who feel part of the Rebel Alliance and are not afraid of challenges on the road.

Advanced safety and comfort

The helmets in the EOX Star Wars collection are equipped with the latest impact protection technology and meet ECE 22.06 and DOT safety standards.  Ruroc has developed a new Quad-Matrix Carbon Composite shell made from T300 carbon fiber and reinforced with Kevlar, nylon and fiberglass.  This combination is designed to improve strength and flexibility while optimizing impact performance.  The result is Ruroc’s lightest and strongest carbon fiber composite shell to date.


Davy Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer of Ruroc, commented on the new collection: “The opportunity to present a new Star Wars collection shortly after the launch of the EOX is significant for us.  With the development of the EOX, we are entering a new era for our brand while staying true to the principles that make Ruroc unique.  It is collections like Star Wars that enrich our range and offer what our rider community expects.”


The EOX Star Wars collection is now available online at and starts at £499 / 639€ / 599$.

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