In a cooperation with Disney, Ruroc presents the new Marvel Avengers collection.  It is inspired by the famous Marvel characters Black Panther, Captain America and Iron Man and is based on the ATLAS 4.0 Carbon helmet.  In this collection, Ruroc's proven safety technology goes hand in hand with the design of the Marvel superheroes and results in a collection of helmets.

Black Panther: A touch of vibranium

The ATLAS 4.0 Carbon helmet, inspired by Black Panther, features a more understated and sleek design.  Dark graphics reminiscent of the King of Wakanda run across the helmet.  The helmet uses the ATLAS 4.0 carbon shell, which is meant to evoke the durability of Vibranium while providing the highest level of protection without sacrificing comfort.


Captain America: The symbol of the shield

The inspiration for the ATLAS 4.0 Carbon in the style of Captain America came from his iconic shield.  Like the entire collection, this helmet features the innovative RHEON shock absorption technology, which provides targeted protection against impact and rotational forces.  This helmet is designed to represent the ideal combination of safety and style and make riders feel unbeatable like Captain America himself.


Iron Man: A step into the future

The Iron Man-inspired helmet version reflects Ruroc’s advanced technology that goes beyond industry standards.  Similar to Iron Man’s technologically advanced capabilities, the ATLAS 4.0 Carbon Helmet offers a unique design and allows for the addition of the Shockwave entertainment system.  Enhanced ventilation keeps riders cool and well and informed during their ride with Shockwave.


Commenting on the collection, Davy Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer at Ruroc, said, “As avid fans of the Marvel Universe, we are delighted to be able to partner with Disney to deliver this unique Marvel Avengers collection.  The fit between Ruroc and the characters could not be better, with the ATLAS 4.0 Carbon offering the perfect canvas to be able to express the Superhero colours of the Avengers.  This is something that our avid fans and followers have been asking for, and has been been in the making for over two years, so we’re hugely excited for the launch of the Marvel collection.”


The Marvel Avengers collection helmets will be available from July 24.  Retail price is: £450 / €525 / $550.

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Bestseller Nr. 2
AMOC UTA Plattenträgerweste, Universal Tactical Alliance Wildbee Leicht Wasserdicht Taktische Weste for Militärischer Schutz*
  • Kugelsicheres Chiplager, kann herkömmliches SAPI-Panzerbrett 30 cm x 25 cm platzieren (ohne Kugelsicheres Brett müssen Sie selbst kaufen)
  • Westengröße: Länge 32 cm x Breite 26 cm
  • Laserschneidendes MOLLE-System, leicht und modular. Belüftete und atmungsaktive Mesh-Oberfläche, Belüftung und Wärmeableitung, Schlagfestigkeit
  • Kleine und große Kapazität, es gibt 6 Magazintaschen auf beiden Seiten des Hüftschutzes und eine dreifache Magazinabdeckung auf der Brust
  • Schnelle Schnalle, schnelles An- und Ausziehen, Einhandbedienung. Rettungsschleppgriff mitbringen. Taille ist verstellbar

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