A mysterious video, the characteristic rattle of the 350cc engine and a flood of Bullet logos raise questions: What does Royal Enfield have planned for September 1 with its legendary Bullet lineup, and is an electric variant even coming?

A familiar rattle announces itself

Royal Enfield, a name that makes the heart beat faster among motorcycle fans, is heating up the excitement.  The Bullet 350 has been talked about from time to time, but it wasn’t until last month that a mysterious video from India provided solid evidence.  To be heard in it: The characteristic sound of the 350cc engine, which reminds us of models like the Meteor 350, the Classic 350 and the Hunter 350.  The same video was then released in August by Royal Enfield itself, confirming that something new was coming.


The guesswork around the new Bullet series

Royal Enfield has big things in store.  At least that’s what the countdown on their Indian website suggests, which eagerly looks ahead to September 1, 2023.  But that’s not all: a wide variety of Bullet logos – from Bullet 350 to Bullet Electra to Bullet Sixty-5 – have the community guessing.  What does Enfield have up its sleeve this time?


A look into the crystal ball: What could the new models bring?

With the Bullet Electra, we can probably expect a modified version of the Bullet 350.  But what are the other names all about?  The Bullet E in particular stands out.  In the current trend of electric mobility, this name could hint at an electric variant, even though Enfield’s first foray into the electric world isn’t expected until 2025.

But what about the other designations?  Does Royal Enfield simply want to commemorate past models and their tradition, or can we hope for the revival of various models?  The Bullet 500 designation also leaves room for speculation.  Is this perhaps a revival of the discontinued 500cc range, which is particularly necessary in view of current emission standards in certain markets?

One thing is certain: September 1 will be an exciting day for all Royal Enfield fans.


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