Royal Enfield has had the mysterious name "Guerrilla 450" protected in India, and the motorcycle world is puzzling over which new model could be hiding behind this label.  While the Himalayan 450 is about to be unveiled, rumors are boiling over about roadsters, scramblers and even the return of the Bullet 500.

Royal Enfield and the brand rights: a new name for a future bike?

It’s official: Royal Enfield has registered the brand name “Guerrilla 450” in India.  Naturally, this raises the suspense for which future motorcycle this distinctive label could be used.  Rumors say that it could be a variant of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, which is to be presented on 01 September.


Different models in the race: Roadster or scrambler?

The newly registered name “Guerrilla 450” leaves room for speculation.  There is information about tests of the Roadster 450 in India and Europe.  Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the name “Guerrilla 450” could be reserved for the Roadster 450.


Next models in the pipeline

After the Himalayan 450 is scheduled for launch in India in November 2023, the Roadster 450 will be the next model to conquer the Indian tarmac.  But that’s not all: Royal Enfield is also planning to unveil the next-generation Bullet 350 in India, also as early as September 1, 2023 – and there is also speculation about the return of the Bullet 500.


Summary and outlook

By registering the name “Guerrilla 450,” the company is stoking expectations and creating buzz.  Whether it will be an on-road or off-road model is still up in the air.  The only thing that is certain is that after the launch of the Himalayan 450 in India, the Roadster 450 is next in the starting blocks.  And who knows, maybe there will soon be news about the Scrambler 450 – the rumor mill is bubbling.


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