Recall: Harley-Davidson with software problems

The Harley-Davidson Live-Wire of the year 2020 is recalled. Due to a software problem it is possible that the motorcycle will unexpectedly shut down.


The recall comes from the American region. But since the models are usually built in only one factory for the worldwide market, other markets could also be affected by the recall.

According to the Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about one percent of the 1,012 units in America are affected by the problem.


Unexpected shutdown possible

A problem with the on-board charging system can lead to an unexpected shutdown of the drive train. In some cases, a flashing of the traction control, ABS and failure indicator symbols may indicate the problem in advance, but the sudden shutdown can also occur without warning. This could be very dangerous, especially when cornering.

A restart after an automatic shutdown is only possible in some cases. If the motorcycle can be restarted, there is the danger of another sudden shutdown.


In the workshop the installed software is checked and updated if necessary. At least in America owners of a LiveWire have the possibility to let their motorcycle be picked up and brought back after the update.


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