Planned trip around the world – with a Honda Monkey

The Portuguese Andre Sousa wants to go on a world travel with a Honda Monkey and set a world record.

However, that would not be his first record, he was able to set one up in 2018. At that time, the 24-year-old drove through South America in the shortest possible time with a small-volume motorcycle.


His ambitions have grown since then, since July 12 2020, he has been on a world travel.

The route of 37,000 miles (almost 60,000 km), which runs through 50 countries, was estimated to take around two years to travel. When choosing a suitable vehicle, he chose a Honda Monkey because of its robustness and reliability.

Only a few minor adjustments were made to the bike, so it got a different exhaust system to improve performance, a few safety bars and additional lighting elements.


Since Sousa does not plan to stay in hotels, the little bike has to take some luggage. Those who want to follow their journey can find information on social media or at

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