Number plate holder “Trackday” for the BMW S 1000 RR

BMW accessory specialist Wunderlich has developed the “Trackday” licence plate holder for the BMW S 1000 RR.

As the name suggests, it is intended for motorbikes that are moved not only on the road but also on the race track. In order to prepare the bike optimally for a Trackday, it is also necessary to unscrew everything that is not necessary. This not only saves weight, but also improves aerodynamics and protects the parts from damage in the event of a crash.


Quick disassembly

The Wunderlich licence plate holder offers the advantage of quick dismantling. It was designed in such a way that all mechanical and electrical connections are easily accessible. The cable connectors were laid from the side panels under the passenger seat or its cover and two holders were provided for this purpose. This means that in future the cables can be disconnected from the vehicle electronics without tools.


Simple assembly of the complete set

After removing the original licence plate holder, the opening under the seat, which is about the size of a fist, must be closed. For this purpose the set includes a corresponding bowl-shaped fairing. Whether on the road or in racing, the fairing does not have to be removed. At the same time it provides the basis for the new licence plate holder.

The number plate holder itself is adjustable in the angle of inclination and prepared for the reception of the original turn signals. Everything is rounded off by a discreet LED licence plate light with E-mark.

The “Trackday” licence plate holder does not require ABE. The price for the set is 194,86 €. Wunderlich offers 5 years warranty.

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