With a more radical and aggressive look, new technologies and higher overall specifications, a new MT-03 will launched.

New Yamaha MT-03 presented


The look of the new MT-03 should produce a powerful and predatory character. The new 14 liter tank has been equipped with a wider tank cover and lightweight air scoops. The new tank also changed the seating position a bit, which should provide more comfort and control.

At the front are two diagonally arranged position lights. The LED headlight sits in between. The turn signals also use LED technology.

The centerpiece is the well-known and balanced 2-cylinder engine with 321 cc. It was equipped with lightweight, heat-resistant forged pistons that reduce vibration and improve throttle response through low piston weight. The Diasil all-aluminum cylinders provide excellent heat dissipation properties for lower power losses.

New is the golden 37 mm thick upside-down telescopic fork which should offer better handling when braking, accelerating and cornering.

The asymmetric swingarm has been extended and now has 573 mm. The mounting point is positioned closer to the center of the vehicle, thus contributing to better control. This is also supported by the improvement in preload and damping. The instruments now have LCD displays.

The new Yamaha MT-03 will be available from December 2019 at the dealers.

Main features of the MT-03

  • Aggressive next-generation MT design
  • Two obliquely arranged position lights; LED headlights
  • Two-cylinder engine with 321 cc
  • New 37 mm upside-down fork
  • Long swingarm with new rear suspension
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Ergonomic seating position
  • Impressive big-bike appearance
  • New high-tech LCD instruments
  • New, lightweight LED turn signals
  • Colors Ice Fluo, Icon Blue and Midnight Black.


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