New Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE for 2021

The update of the Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE for 2021 gets a revised suspension. The Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension (KECS) is the first to use Showa’s Skyhook technology, which is designed to provide a comfortable ride and even more fun.


KECS with Skyhook technology from Showa

The software of the semi-active KECS system has been updated with Skyhook Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (EERA) technology, which should result in more stable ride performance. Response characteristics and also the components of the KECS suspension remain unaffected.

  • Showa’s Skyhook software, carefully tuned by Kawasaki engineers to preserve the sporty handling characteristics of the Versys 1000 SE, provides a more comfortable ride through continuous real-time adjustment to the road surface. The road handling is excellent and the tilt behaviour (especially when riding in pairs) is improved. Steering remains easy on the highway and the bike feels calmer when riding in the rain.
  • While the standard KECS already uses data from several sources such as real-time lift speed and position data from built-in lift sensors, vehicle acceleration and deceleration from the IMU, front and rear wheel speed from the FI-ECU and front brake pressure from the ABS-ECU, the KECS with Skyhook also takes into account vertical acceleration and pitch rate to determine the damping force.
  • As before, the basic damping level is determined according to the selected driving mode and the spring preload on the rear wheel is still adjustable.


The Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE 2021

The Versys 1000 is designed for maximum riding pleasure in a wide variety of riding situations, whether you’re riding alone or with a partner. Whether for a short spin or a trip around the world, the free-revving in-line four-cylinder engine, which is designed for flexibility, combined with the dynamic suspension, should delight every driver.

The upright seating position, the comfortable seat and the good wind protection should guarantee a relaxed ride. The seating position also offers good control of the motorcycle.

The following colors are available:

  • Emerald Blazed Green (Green)/Metallic Diablo Black (Black)/Metallic Flat Spark Black (Black)
  • Emerald Storm Gray (Grey)/Metallic Diablo Black (Black)/Metallic Flat Spark Black (Black)

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