Motorcycle Simulator from Cruden

For over 10 years the company Cruden from Holland has been working on a motorcycle simulator. Auto simulator would be easy – a seat, steering wheel, pedals and a few motors to allow a rumbleble effect and good. With a two-wheeler the whole thing is a little more complicated.

Der perfekte Motorrad-Simulator?

The slope is not easy to implement, but extremely important when you want to simulate a real motorcycle ride. The whole is released via a hydraulic system. The Ducati used in this case is hydraulically lifted into the air and offset according to the steering impulse.

If you look at the video material, it seems at least as if Cruden here a nearly perfect motorcycle simulator delivered. The gas train provides acceleration, the brake decelerates, the gear lever quilters the gears and also a correct steering pulse was thought. If you push the steering wheel forward the motorcycle falls accordingly in an oblique position.

To make the illusion perfect is driven with VR glasses. This is the right way to enter this world. Many get sic from VR games, because the delivered picture does not cover with their own body movements. This should not be a problem, since you are really completely immersed in this world.

Very cheap the part will not be. If you can not really drive because of weather or for health reasons, nothing else comes feels more than real driving.


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