Mini cruiser Zontes VX310

The Chinese company Zontes has various models in its range based on its 310 platform. Now they are expanding their range with the VX310 by a cruiser.


The front of the VX310 is very dominant and it concealed very well, that there are otherwise almost no changes compared to the sister models. Since Zontes recently switched from a standard to a single-arm swinging arm, the new model also received this visual upgrade.
A 180 rear tire is mounted on it, which would actually not be necessary for the small motorcycle, but optically fits it quite well.


The Zontes VX310 is also equipped with the 312cc single-cylinder engine that produces 35 hp. In terms of weight, Zontes motorcycles are quite light by Chinese standards. The V310 is stated dry at 147 kg, when ready to drive it is 157 kg. Because of the additional paneling, the VX weighs 168 kg (ready to drive).


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