Marc Marquez, one of the icons of motorcycle racing, has cancelled his participation in the Grand Prix at the TT Circuit Assen.  This was confirmed by HRC, his racing team, in a terse statement to the press.  It said that the Spanish athlete is not fit for the race due to the injuries he suffered at the German Grand Prix, which were further aggravated at Assen.

Not fit for Sachsenring: Marquez complains of further injuries

Marquez had also failed to compete at the previous race at the Sachsenring despite being cleared by a doctor.  It was subsequently revealed that after a crash in the warm-up he was struggling not only with a broken thumb, but also with severe ankle swelling and a cracked rib.


Back on track in Assen, but without success

The plan for Assen was for Marquez to get back on track, and he was there until the sprint race.  However, he could only manage 17th place.  Now he has apparently been deemed not fit enough for today’s main race by doctors, making his participation in the race impossible.


Rumors of team change fanned

This new setback for the Spanish racer gives new impetus to the rumors about a possible team change.  Currently, there is speculation that Marquez could switch to a third KTM team.  Actually, his contract with HRC runs until the end of 2024.  Whether this will change in the foreseeable future remains to be seen.


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