MotoGP and World SBK tested together in Jerez. Superbike World Champion Jonathan Rea humiliated the MotoGP with his Kawasaki ZX-10RR.

[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”] He drove the best time on Thursday and stayed just below Valentino Rossi’s pole time. Rossi himself did not test there.

The weather conditions were not optimal and therefore it is already a very amazing time Rea has burnt into the asphalt. Above all, when one compares the construction effort or value of the machines …

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The ZX-10RR, which was introduced at the Eicma, is therefore a very hot iron. I’ve already presented it before, but at least now we should look at it again.

If you take it exactly there is the ZX-10RR only because of the World SBK. According to the regulations, a standard motorcycle must be the basis for the World SBK and can only be tuned in a certain frame. So what do you do? One builds 500 pieces of a motorcycle that is the perfect platform for a real racer. But this is not just Kawa, this is the standard. 500 pieces is the prescribed minimum – more are not built, in order not to pay even more on it. Yes correctly, these special models cost a fortune, money makes the manufacturer not with this. Otherwise not all manufacturers would reduce these models to 500 pieces, or is it a coincidence that the best-equipped Honda Fireblade SP2 also only 500?

Accordingly, the RR is designed for racing and racetrack and renounces any unnecessary equipment already in the “serial version”. However, it remains permissible. As a small comparison, on the Kawasaki own circuit Autopolis, test riders with the double R achieved a 1-2 seconds faster lap times than with the R version. – And a second in racing is a world


So what was changed compared to the R version?

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We start with the engine, the cylinder head has been reworked and now offers space for the inclusion of high-lift cams which would mean a further increase in performance, especially at high speeds. They are not installed, however, only as an option. The tappets have been reworked and have a diamondlike carbon coating. This reduces the mechanical loss and increases the performance during racing tuning. The crankcase has been strengthened to provide more durability and improved performance. The connecting ducts between the cylinders are now narrower, the wall thickness has been increased.

To save weight, the double R comes on Marchesini forged wheels in 7-spoke design. The weight reduction also makes for a better handling. If you want to be able to build the wheels but also to the R version, however, then also other front wheel brake discs and a new speed sensor ring are needed


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Designed for the racing circuit, the RR only comes as a single-seater. The suspension was also designed for this purpose. Components have not been changed. Front is still the Showa Balance Free Fork and rear of the BFRC Lite shock absorbers installed, only the set-up was changed. Of course, this setting is also possible with the R version.

The double R can now be shifted up and down without a clutch. The R-version required the Racing-ECU. From speeds above 2.500, the system works.

By switching to one-seater, weight has been saved, since you also do not need a pillion footrests. Because of this, and because of a new lighter rear muffler holder, 1 kg is saved


Data from the Kawasaki ZX-10RR




Bohrung und Hub










Flüssigkeitsgekühlter Viertakt-Reihenvierzylinder

Flüssigkeitsgekühlter 998 cm3

76,0 x 55,0 mm


DOHC, 16 Ventile

Kraftstoffeinspritzung: φ47 mm x 4
mit Doppeleinspritzung



Druckumlaufschmierung, Nasssumpf mit Ölkühler





Übersetzungsverhältnisse:     1. Gang

2. Gang

3. Gang

4. Gang

5. Gang

6. Gang







1,681 (79/47)

2,600 (39/15)

2,214 (31/14)

1,944 (35/18)

1,722 (31/18)

1,550 (31/20)

1,391 (32/23)

2,294 (39/17)

Mehrscheibenkupplung im Ölbad, mechanisch betätigt




Federweg:           vorne


Reifen:                 vorne


Lenkkopfwinkel (Sturz)


Lenkwinkel (links/rechts)



Doppelprofil, Aluminiumdruckguss

120 mm

114 mm

120/70ZR17M/C (58W)

190/55ZR17M/C (75W)


107 mm

27o / 27o

Die Kawasaki ZX-10 RR in den Motorrad Nachrichten vorgestellt:


Bauer Spielwaren 2049757 Maisto Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R: Originalgetreues Motorradmodel, Maßstab 1:12, mit Federung und ausklappbarem Seitenständer, grün (531187), Mittel*
  • Täuschend echt: Miniaturmodell mit vielen Details im Maßstab 1:12 und einer Länge von ca. 18 cm
  • Für Jung und Alt: Rennsport für die Vitrine oder das Kinderzimmer. Ein Muss für jeden Motorradfan
  • Hochwertigste Verarbeitung: Modell aus Metallspritzguss mit Kunststoffteilen, Gummirädern, Hinterradfederung und ausklappbarem Seitenständer
  • Mit traditionsreicher Lackierung: Das berühmte Kawasaki Racing Green steht seit Jahren für kompromisslose Rennsporttechnik
  • Altersempfehlung: Geeignet für Kinder ab 3 Jahren

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Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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