Kawasaki KLX Offroad Lineup for 2021

Kawasaki plans to present four new dirt bikes for 2021 in July. Nevertheless, Kawa has already confirmed the first models in its KLX series.


The KLX 140 now receives the addition R. The KLX 140 R and KLX 140 L use an air-cooled 144cc single cylinder with a five-speed gearbox. Both are equipped with an electric starter and keyless ignition.
The two models differ mainly in height. The KLX 140 R has a 17 “front wheel, a 14“ wheel at the rear and a seat height of 78 cm. The KLX 140 L has a 19 “front wheel, a 16“ rear wheel and a seat height of 80 cm, as well as a higher ground clearance.


The KLX 230 R remains unchanged compared to the previous year. It is equipped with a 233cc engine, six-speed gearbox, electric ignition, 21 “front wheel, 18” rear wheel and optionally with ABS.


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