Ian Hutchinson won the first race of the Isle of Man TT 2017. He won the extremely exciting RST Superbike.

The first race of the Isle of Man TT 2017, the first round

[sam_ad id=”2″ codes=”true”]James Hillier (JG Speedfit Kawasaki) led Glen Helen in the opening round with a lead of 0.8 seconds ahead of Harrison, Hutchinson and Michael Dunlop. Harrison was able to catch up with Ramsey Hairpin for 1.3 seconds and had a lead of 0.5 seconds. Dunlop was now in third place ahead of Hillier, Hutchinson, Hickman and Conner Cummins.

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Quelle/Source: IOMTT.com

Guy Martin, who returned to TT this year, did not have a good start to the race week. He had an accident at Doran`s Bend which meant the end for him. But he did not hurt himself.

Until bungalow Dunlop took over the lead and made an opening round of 131.135 mph. It took 1.8 seconds before Harrison. Behind him lay Hillier, half-second, then Hutchi and Hickman. The top 5 all made a round of 130 mph from the start.

On the second lap, Dunlop was still at Glen Helen. Harrison was faster and was able to catch up for 1.4 seconds. At Ballaugh, he already had a lead of 5.3 seconds on Hillier. Dunlop had his Bennett’s Suzuki at Handley’s.

At Ramsey, Harrison had a lead of 7.5 seconds ahead of Hutchinson, who was able to advance to second place. He was only 0.4 seconds ahead of Hillier. Until bungalow the distance to the leader shrank to 6.5 seconds.

Quelle/Source: IOMTT.com

The second round

In the second round, Harrison reached 130.907 mph and he led 5.4 seconds ahead. At the pit stops, Hutchinson fell back to fourth place but also Hillier lost time. Cummins and Kneen on five and six were also had problems in the pits. Kneen also got a 30 second penalty because of excessive speed in the pit lane.

The third round

At the beginning of the third round, Harrison led Hutchinson, Hickman, and Hillier. Kneen fell back to ninth place and Cummins to 17th. David Johnson rinsed it to fifth place and Michael Rutter to sixth.

After the half of the race, Hutchinson was able to take the lead, but with a close gap of 0.4 seconds ahead of Harrison. The top ten was only 10.5 seconds apart. Hickman and Hillier were on three and four, Johnson and Rutter on five and six. This was followed by Kneen, Bruce Anstey, William Dunlop and Brookes.

04/06/2017: David Johnson (Norton/Norton Motorcycles) at Ballaugh Bridge during the Isle of Man RST Superbike TT race. PICTURE BY DAVE KNEEN/PACEMAKER PRESS

The fourth round

In the fourth round, there was little change at the top. Harrison took the lead again and had a lead of 0.6 seconds at Glen Helen. At Ramsey, Hutchinson was back in front with just 0.07 seconds. Five seconds behind, Hickman finished third. Anstey had to stop at Ramsey, but then could continue. Steve Mercer and Gary Johnson were at Cruickshanks and Sulby Bridge.


04/06/2017: Peter Hickman (BMW/Smiths Racing) at Ballaugh Bridge during the Isle of Man RST Superbike TT race. PICTURE BY DAVE KNEEN/PACEMAKER PRESS

Hutchinson reached a lead of 4 seconds after the mountain. Hickman was now second, 1.6 seconds ahead of Harrison, and four seconds ahead of Hillier.

The fifth round

At the next stops, Hutchinson led a 10-second lead over Hickman. Hillier was back to third place since Harrison has lost time and returned to four. At Glen Helen Hillier was second.

The sixth round

At the start of the final, Hutchinson was ahead, but the distance to Hickman melted. He was still 7.9 seconds with Glen Helen and with Ballaugh only 2.5 seconds. Harrison was now third since Hillier had trouble with the fuel supply. 9.5 seconds between the first four.

To Ramsey Hairpin, Hickman could continue the gap. 1.6 seconds lay only between the first two.

Ultimately, however, Hutchi managed to get through with a lead of 5 seconds ahead of Hickman. Afterwards, Hillier and Kneen, who despite the 30 second time penalty could keep the place before Rutter. There was a lash stroke.

Horst Saiger was the best privateer and reached the eleventh overall ranking.


Results Isle of Man TT 2017 RST Superbike

Pos        Rider       Machine/Entrant          Time       Speed

  1. Ian Hutchinson BMW / Tyco BMW 01:45:58.474 – 128.170
  2. Peter Hickman BMW / Smiths Racing 01:46:03.544 – 128.068
  3. Dean Harrison Kawasaki / Silicone Engineering 01:46:11.545 – 127.907
  4. James Hillier Kawasaki / JG Speedfit Kawasaki 01:46:13.281 – 127.873
  5. Dan Kneen BMW / Team Penz 13.com BMW Motorrad 01:47:50.068 – 125.960
  6. Michael Rutter BMW / Bathams SMT Racing 01:47:50.203 – 125.957
  7. David Johnson Norton / Norton Motorcycles 01:48:25.512 – 125.273
  8. Joshua Brookes Norton / Norton 01:48:39.174 – 125.011
  9. William Dunlop Yamaha / Temple Golf Club 01:48:50.858 – 124.787
  10. Martin Jessopp BMW / Riders Motorcycles BMW 01:48:53.943 – 124.728
  11. Horst Saiger Kawasaki / iXS 01:49:48.762 – 123.691
  12. Sam West BMW / PRL / Worthington 01:49:56.914 – 123.538
  13. Bruce Anstey Honda / padgettsmotorcycles.com 01:50:18.570 – 123.134
  14. Philip Crowe BMW / Handtrans / Fleetwood Grab / Sheff 01:50:23.240 – 123.047
  15. Jamie Coward BMW / Radcliffe’s Racing 01:50:33.005 – 122.866
  16. Dan Stewart BMW / Wilcock Consulting 01:51:20.121 – 121.999
  17. Brian McCormack BMW / Vanfleet Transport 01:51:21.066 – 121.982
  18. Stefano Bonetti BMW / Speed Motor 01:52:01.189 – 121.254
  19. Mark Parrett BMW / C & C Ltd IOM 01:52:14.648 – 121.011
  20. Michael Sweeney BMW / MJR Racing 01:52:16.785 – 120.973
  21. Dominic Herbertson BMW / WH Racing 01:52:20.909 – 120.899
  22. Shaun Anderson Suzuki / Anderson Race Developments 01:53:06.427 – 120.088
  23. Davy Morgan Kawasaki / Angry Bee 01:53:24.905 – 119.762
  24. Rob Hodson BMW / Hodson Racing 01:53:34.283 – 119.597
  25. Kamil Holan BMW / McRace by IVR BMW Motorrad CS 01:53:55.718 – 119.222
  26. Xavier Denis Kawasaki / Optimark Road Racing Team 01:54:10.566 – 118.964
  27. Jochem van den Hoek Honda / TC Racing 01:54:13.579 – 118.911
  28. Alan Bonner BMW / NW Racing 01:54:33.032 – 118.575
  29. Ian Pattinson BMW / Weardale Racing Ltd 01:54:41.366 – 118.431
  30. Raul Torras Martinez Yamaha / Martimotos.com Racing 01:54:53.370 – 118.225
  31. David Hewson BMW / Obsession Engineering LTD 01:55:01.638 – 118.083
  32. Marco Pagani BMW / Team Franciacorta Corse by LOGIC 01:55:09.825 – 117.943
  33. Tom Weeden Honda / ThePeoplesBike.com 01:55:42.069 – 117.396
  34. Barry Furber Kawasaki / Vauxhall / Greenhous / Moto-De 01:55:47.972 – 117.296
  35. Adrian Harrison Kawasaki / Silicone Engineering Racing 01:55:51.955 – 117.229
  36. Anthony Redmond BMW / Team Tony 01:56:10.666 – 116.914
  37. Richard McLoughlin Kawasaki / Abtech Precision / Breslin Autob 01:56:11.839 – 116.894
  38. George Spence Yamaha / Dod Spence Racing 01:56:31.924 – 116.558
  39. Julien Toniutti Yamaha / Optimark Road Racing Team 01:57:35.972 – 115.500
  40. Alessandro Polita BMW / Team Penz13.com BMW Motorrad 01:58:05.739 – 115.015
  41. Richard Wilson Honda / Takumi Woodwork 01:58:38.057 – 114.493
  42. David Madsen-Mygdal Honda / CSC Branson Racing 01:58:54.775 – 114.225


Pictures RST Superbike 2017

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Accident Video Guy Martin


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Press Conference after the RST Superbike Race 2017

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