Is Yamaha working on a YZF-R25M?

The Kawasaki ZX-25R, a ¼-liter super sports bike with a four-cylinder engine, has recently appeared on the Asian market. Rumors are growing that Yamaha wants to create competition with a YZF-R25M.


It is quite possible that this segment would not be left to Kawasaki alone. Especially when you consider that the ZX-25R has caused quite a stir worldwide, although it is only available in Asia and New Zealand.

The designation YZF-R25M indicates that the motorcycle should primarily be designed for the racetrack.

Similar rumors also exist about a Honda CBR250RR-R.


You have to wait and see what will be left of the rumors in the end. These small sports motorcycles can trigger a certain amount of hype, as has been seen with the ZX-25R. But it was also the first model of an actually extinct class. It is not clear whether other models in this class can trigger a similar hype.

In addition, a corresponding model has to be sold very expensive due to the development costs and the units sold should therefore remain very manageable. The ZX-25R is priced only slightly below a 600cc.

The revival of the 250cc sports class would probably only make sense for marketing reasons.


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