Today there is an interview with the Road Racer Horst Saiger. Horst has been riding for years at the greatest road racing events such as the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man, North West 200 and Macau. This also with great success..

Horst gave this interview in German. This is a translation. Translation errors can not be completely ruled out!

Interview with Horst Saiger

  • For years you drive very successful road racing and this year you attack for the third time on the TT. You’re already one of the greats of the Road Racing’s, or how do you see that?
Copyright by Toni Boerner
Copyright by Toni Boerner

Horst Saiger: “There are tracks where I can keep up better (for example North West 200, Macau) and there are tracks like the TT, where I‘m from the top guys still far away.” 

  • Last year you had on the Tourist Trophy a fall. How are you feeling now after the accident? If everything is healed again?
[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]Horst Saiger: “All the bones have healed, only in the back, it pulls from time to time. But I‘m in training to bring the handicap away.” 
  • How it came to the fall?
Copyright by Toni Boerner
Copyright by Toni Boerner

Horst Saiger:It’s simple: I went beyond my means and have concentrated fully on a faster driver in front of me. And I’ve got a little too far to the outside and have touched the curb. I could not for a moment believe that I survived. It was a very silly place.” 

  • How quickly you put something mentally gone? I must say that my misfortunes have thrown me always far back. How does a professional handle it?
Horst Saiger:I used to always needed some time to get back to speed. Especially with front wheel falls as confidence is quickly gone. But as time has changed that. After the fall I could go to my usual speed at the next race from the beginning.” 
  • You are selling your ZX-10R holds the course record at the NW200 in the Superstock class. Your new you build on straight. Is there a fundamental change what you want? How will you be prepared technically against the competition?
Copyright by Toni Boerner
Copyright by Toni Boerner

Horst Saiger:Well, you asked. Yes, the record bike is still for sale and the other from the TTfall is still in parts. I build two new bikes. Technically, not much will change. I had probably one of the best Superstock motorcycles. As for the bike, which we use in the Superbike class, we would like to bring a few extra horsepower out. Of course, just what is going on without expense. I am often asked why I build new bikes every year. It’s simple: My support from Kawasaki is based on material and therefore it would be silly not to rebuild, even if the old loose for one, would go two season. Please log buyers!” 

  • What does your appointment calendar for this year? Where will we find you? (Fairs, events, races, Glemseck?)
Horst Saiger:The plan is to complete World Endurance Championship with the Bolligerteam, North West 200, TT, Terlicko or Ulster GP, Macao and perhaps even the Classic TT. The next show is the Swiss Moto followed by Speedy Gonzalez exhibition in Malters. Then I hope that I can for Kawasaki Germany Schottenring GP again. Glemseck I do not know which is run last year unhappy.” 
  • What opportunities do you reckon you at the races from, and what are your goals?
[sam id=”25″ codes=”true”]Horst Saiger:In the NW200 it is quite clear, I would like once podium with my stock motorcycle. The 600cc I always turn only to round because Route knowledge is extremely important in the long road racing. And in the Superbike class Top10 result would be a very big successas our Superbike is more or less a stock bike. The TT every silver replica is a success and in Macau would be a Top5 a great place.” 
  • The theme motorcycle is again somewhat popular, there is also a trend for road racing?
Horst Saiger:Yes, for sure! Anyone who has been at a real road racing, which is not only fascinating but also infected.” 
  • Your reports about the TT in the PS were very well received and recently you write now for the newspaper Motosport Switzerland. I had the Motosport not in the fingers, hence the question about what you write. Reports of the Road Racing would offer so, or will there be of you also reviews new motorcycles? How often / regularly is what appears from you?
Horst Saiger:Yes exactly. I have a part time job at Motosport Switzerland and write reviews of new motorcycles, sports events and of course all the races that I myself take part.” 
  • You’re a strong presence in the social networks. In your Youtube channel you show much of what Behind the Scenes” expires. The proximity of the fans is very important to you? Do you find always the time for it?
Copyright by Toni Boerner
Copyright by Toni Boerner

Horst Saiger:It is immensely important. First, it helps me to keep my sponsors happy and secondly, I could do without the help of the fans who support me with their T-shirt and DVD purchases, make no racing. The fan base is clearly the heart of my racing, as it is very difficult to find money sponsors a sufficient extent. If I find the time? Fans often write some shit to get in touch with me and if I‘m tense and hectic, because once everything goes haywire, I answer some briskly. I’m sorry! But what the weather is or what time to start the race, everyone can own googling the internet. But there is nothing better than the boys and girls to see with their green Saiger-Shirts along the course – this is a very nice feeling. At this point I must mention that when my wife Tamara would not, I could not do it all, she is responsible for T-shirt and DVD sales. To this end they still organized various meetings or the sponsors and friends travel to the NW200 this year. We will be more than 40 people when the going well then you could next year to advertise a public supporter of travel.”


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  • There are several DVDs from you. It`s all about Saiger TT I have recently unveiled here. Do you plan currently includes another DVD? If so, you already know what betrayed? When can we expect it?
Saiger TT (2)Horst Saiger:Always slow. Before I make a new DVD, all people have the old view first of all, haha 🙂 My first DVD was our maiden voyage to the NW200. They last up to 36 minutes and is filmed with anything that came to us in the fingers, from mobile phones to GoPro for the onboard video up to the age-old camcorder. In the second film, “Terlicko – the golden miner’s lamphas accompanied me with two cameramen my friend Jürgen Gruben of Groox media productions. Thus, it was already filmed professionally, but since we never could find the money for editing, music, speaker, etc. I did everything myself. Since it is also clear that this is my favorite movie 🙂. I have a lot of footage of Macao in 2014 and also from my trip to New Zealand in December, where I have the Cemetery Circuit, that is in the running for the cemetery of Whanganui, participated. But at the moment is zero time to sort the whole picture material and cut together. The new bikes are completely disassembled and soon is already my test in Almeria. But in between I want to go to Australia, the new Yamaha R1 and Doha, test the new Kawasaki H2R.”
  • What was the craziest that you have experienced in a race?
Zerschlagenes Visier und Wunde am Kopf nach Steinschlag
Zerschlagenes Visier und Wunde am Kopf nach Steinschlag

Horst Saiger:At my first NW200 I was in the final race behind Bruce Anstey and at top speed, over 300 km / h then hit a stone kicked up by Bruce through my visor and caused a small cut on my forehead.” 

  • Which race or which route you is most like and why?
Horst Saiger: “Anyone who has ever driven on the TT, which never thinks about other routes. But there are also circular routes with a lot of character like Imola or Laguna Seca.” 
  • Your tip for the amateur racer, what do you think makes fast?
Horst Saiger:Go all in quiet! Do not make frantic movements, not even on the brake Lever and not on the throttle handle. Thus, do not you take the bike out of the rest and all forces can of course be better transferred to the street.” 
  • What all is in your private garage and with it what you drive the most?
Copyright by Toni Boerner
Copyright by Toni Boerner

Horst Saiger:In my garage is a Yamaha scooter and a mountain bike. When scooter I made a bargain and the mountain bike I have traded for a barrel of oil. Otherwise, in the garage only spare parts for racing motorcycles. To drive on public road only remains for me my scooter and my van, with whom I also bring everything to the races. My favorite of course do on a beautiful summer to ride a bike with Tamara, but not much time left.” 

Thank you Horst

that you took the time for this interview! Who wants to know more about him or stay up to date, you should look at Saiger Racing and follow him on Facebook or Youtube.

Horst I wish you a successful and injury-free season !!!

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