Indian Motorcycle expands its Elite lineup with the luxurious Indian Pursuit and brings back the exclusive Chieftain Elite.  Both models combine eye-catching style, premium components and premium V-twin touring performance for the ultimate experience in American V-twin style and exclusivity.

King of American V-twin design: Indian Pursuit Elite & Chieftain Elite

Indian Motorcycle, America’s premier motorcycle company, expands its Elite line to include the luxurious Indian Pursuit and brings back the highly exclusive Chieftain Elite.  Elite models are synonymous with exceptional V-twin style and absolute exclusivity.


Aaron Jax, vice president of Indian Motorcycle, explains, “With the introduction of the Chieftain Elite in 2018, we wanted to create an exclusive, limited-edition offering that features unique factory details.  Today, our Elite line of Bagger and Touring models represent the best of the best with their refined finishes and make an unmistakable statement on the road.”


Indian Pursuit Elite: exclusive style and outstanding performance

Debuting in 2023, the Indian Pursuit Elite is limited to 150 units worldwide.  As the most powerful and advanced American touring machine, the Indian Pursuit Elite offers sophisticated style, unparalleled comfort and performance.  Designed for riders for whom the journey is as important as the destination, it is packed with premium features and cutting-edge technology to optimize handling.


Classy look

The Pursuit Elite’s exclusive Super Graphite Metallic and Black Metallic paint finishes, combined with Shadow Bronze Chrome accents, give the bike a refined look.  Color-matched Elite badging and premium components complete the aesthetic design.


High performance V-twin touring

Powered by a 1768 cc, liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine, the Indian Pursuit Elite offers an impressive 122 PS (120 hp / 90 kW) of power and 178 Nm of torque. This sets new standards in V-twin touring performance.


Luxurious features and innovative technology

The Indian Pursuit Elite allows riders to enjoy long rides in maximum comfort and style.  The Fox rear suspension’s electronically adjustable preload can be adjusted through the bike’s infotainment system to provide optimal comfort and handling in a variety of conditions.  Smart Lean Technology, supported by a Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit, optimizes traction control, ABS and torque for even better control and handling.  Illuminated controls and Pathfinder adaptive LED headlamp combined with Pathfinder S LED driving lights and side pocket lighting provide enhanced visibility and distinctive style at night.  Riders and passengers enjoy a heated seat with adjustable controls on the seat and infotainment system.

In addition, every Indian Pursuit Elite is equipped with an industry-leading 7-inch touchscreen that offers RIDE COMMAND, Apple CarPlay integration, turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and more.


Chieftain Elite: Distinctive style and superior performance.

The limited-edition 2023 Chieftain Elite, of which only 175 are available worldwide, is designed for discerning drivers who demand only the best of the best and want to stand out.  It features aggressive styling and custom factory details.


Unique look

The Chieftain Elite’s eye-catching Super Graphite Smoke paint is complemented by premium Shadow Bronze chrome parts and Indian Motorcycle floorboards.  The open fender gives the Chieftain Elite a custom look and showcases a new precision-machined 10-spoke front wheel.  The Chieftain Elite comes standard with the adaptive Pathfinder LED headlight and rear saddlebag LED lights that turn heads at night.  The adjustable tinted windshield can be raised or lowered to the rider’s preferred position at the touch of a handlebar button for ultimate comfort.


High performance, air-cooled

The Chieftain Elite is powered by Indian Motorcycle’s most powerful air-cooled engine, the Thunderstroke 116, and offers 171 Nm of torque.  Rear cylinder deactivation enhances ride comfort during slow traffic rides, while three selectable riding modes, Tour, Standard and Sport, allow riders to tailor the motorcycle’s throttle response to their riding style.


Premium features and ride-enhancing technology

Like the Indian Pursuit Elite, the Chieftain Elite features RIDE COMMAND’s 7-inch touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay, GPS with navigation and more.  Standard features on the 2023 Chieftain Elite include illuminated controls, an integrated PowerBand audio system, ABS, keyless ignition, tire pressure monitoring, and weatherproof and remote-locking side cases with more than 68 liters of storage.


Custom accessories for a personal touch

For those looking to further customize their Elite model, Indian Motorcycle offers a range of color-coordinated accessories, including a low-profile top case with quick release and fixed lower fairings.  These extras allow riders to tailor their bikes to their personal preferences and needs while maintaining the luxurious style and performance of the Elite models.



The new Indian Pursuit Elite and Chieftain Elite models combine eye-catching style, premium components and premium V-twin touring performance to offer riders the ultimate experience in American V-twin style and exclusivity, according to Indian Motorcycle.  With limited quantities and a host of premium features, these motorcycles are said to be for riders seeking the best of the best and ready to make a statement on the road.


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