Honda will take center stage this year at the prestigious Wheels & Waves Festival in Biarritz, France.  The event, which takes place June 21-25, 2023, is a platform for Honda to showcase its selection of custom minibikes, including two Dax 125s, two MSX125 Groms and three Monkey 125s.

Seven unique minibike conversions from seven European countries, each the result of a creative collaboration between artists and custom bike professionals, will be on display at the event.  The conversions range from discreetly refined to completely off-the-wall, which is sure to delight visitors.

Fans can vote for the most popular Honda custom minibike on the website, which caters to motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide in six languages.


Honda’s Minibike-Flotte

Honda has the most comprehensive mini-bike selection on the market with the 125cc Dax, the Monkey 125 and the MSX125 Grom.  The retro-styled Dax and funky Monkey evoke fond memories of the 1970s, while the Grom presents itself as a modern pocket-sized mini-bike.  The combination of manageable stature, fuel economy and lots of fun to ride make these bikes the perfect entry for novice riders and the young at heart.


The artists and their bikes

  • Bike 1 (England) “Hold On!”: The MSX125 Grom “Hold On!” was designed by Matt B and customizer Guy Willison and presents itself as an exciting, fascinatingly bold dragster.
  • Bike 2 (Spain) “Driving Me Mad”: Artist Coco and Madrid-based custom builder team “UFO Garage” have transformed the Honda Dax 125 into a stylish work of art with bold splashes of color and chunky balloon tires.
  • Bike 3 (Austria) “Monkey X Business”: Artist Boicut and the team from Titan Motorcycles have transformed the Monkey 125 into a radical and colorful chopper creation in the style of the 70s.
  • Bike 4 (Portugal) “Furiosa”: artist Tamara Alves and the Art on Wheels garage have transformed the Honda Dax into a stunning post-apocalyptic creation.
  • Bike 5 (France) “Tokyo”: artist Grems and customizer George Woodman have transformed a Monkey 125 into a pop-art visual masterpiece.
  • Bike 6 (Italy) “Let’s Grom”: artist Francesco Marchesani and ex-Superbike IDM Fireblade rider Alex Polita have added graffiti wings and other modified parts to the MSX125 Grom.
  • Bike 7 (Germany) “Manjushage”: Artist Lana and Berlin-based customizer Garage Motoism have transformed an MSX125 Grom into an oriental-inspired beauty reminiscent of the elegant bloom of a “Manjushage” flower.


The vote and the winner

Festival visitors and the worldwide online community have the opportunity to vote for their favorite conversions at  This website is available in six different languages – German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese – to reach as many motorcycle enthusiasts as possible.  The voting will be evaluated after the end of the festival and the winner will be announced afterwards.

In a combination of art and motorcycle enthusiasm, Honda will be demonstrating at the 2023 Wheels & Waves Festival just how wide the possibilities are for customization on their minibikes.  Whether classic, daring, elegant or post-apocalyptic, these unique conversions highlight the creative and diverse world of custom bike building.  Honda proves once again that motorcycles are more than just vehicles – they are canvases for artists and expressions of personality and passion.


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