Honda showed only a shadowy concept of the "New Honda Hornet" at EICMA 2021 and otherwise kept silent. Meanwhile, Honda teases the model even further.

Honda showed only a shadowy concept of the “New Honda Hornet” at EICMA 2021 and otherwise kept silent.  Meanwhile, Honda teases the model even further.


First design sketches

Honda has published the first design sketches of the future Hornet.  They are meant to offer a glimpse at form-giving details.  The combination of technical beauty and rousing dynamics is said to make up the DNA of the future new model.

The Hornet’s design concept was created by 28-year-old Giovanni Dovis, who was also most recently responsible for the appearance of the New Urban Scooter ADV350.  If you take a closer look at the sketches, you will see the use of different frames.  Whether this can be interpreted as artistic freedom or as an indication of two different models currently remains a matter of speculation.


Giovanni Dovis, designer, Honda R&D Europe, Italy: “Honda’s design philosophy aims to combine formal purity with functionality to create models that are beautiful as well as simple and emotionally appealing.  The designs show how the Hornet’s design concept combines agility, dynamism and lightness with slim proportions, a pointed rear end and sharp lines.  The result is a new look with compact proportions that creates exciting dynamics and outlines the Hornet’s sporty purpose.”


Videos hinted at the new model as early as April

In the meantime, two videos have been published on Honda’s Spanish Instagram page that make reference to the Hornet.  In the first video, you can see the different Hornet logos and how they have changed over time.  Underneath is always the appropriate year faded in and the corresponding engine sound can be heard.  The video ends with the year “????” and another engine sound.  Presumably this is a two-cylinder engine.

The second video shows a hornet sitting on a flower.  You can hear the starting of an engine and, as the wings begin to beat, how the engine revs up.


24 years the Honda Hornet already exists, it can be assumed that the new model will be released or at least presented for the 25th anniversary next year.

Article from 04/09/2022, update from 06/07/2022


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