Honda CRF 250 L and CRF 250 Rally for 2021

Although the actual presentation is scheduled for 13 November, Honda has released the first information about the two small enduro bikes.


The Euro5 standard will also apply to the two models in Europe in future, which made it necessary to revise the engine, exhaust system and air filter. Performance data for the 250 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, however, have not yet been announced. So far the engine has delivered 25 hp and 23 Nm. It can be assumed that it will remain at this performance level.


The frame has been revised to achieve a higher stiffness. Also the suspension elements got an update.

The CRF 250 L got a new headlight, side cover and hand guard. The rally version got a bigger fuel tank and a higher windshield.

TARAZON 3.5''+5,0'' Supermoto Felgensatz Felgen Radsatz Bremsscheiben + Adapter für Honda CRF 450R CRF250R 2015-2018*
  • Der Preis für 17'' x 3,5”Vorderradfelge mit Vorderachse Rad(20mm)+ 17'' x5,0'' Hinterradfelge mit Hintenachse Rad(25mm)+Bremsscheibe vorne 320mm+Bremsscheibe hinten 240mm+Adapter
  • Material: Radnabe aus 6061 Aluminum + Felge aus 7116 T6 Aluminum + 304 Edelstahl Speichen&Nipplen + Bremsscheiben aus Aluminum & 304 Edelstahl + Aluminum Adapter
  • Rot Naben + Schwarze Felgen + Schwarze Bremsscheibe vorne+ Schwarze Adapter
  • Passende Reifen: Vorder:110-120/70-17, Hinten:160-170-180/70-17
  • Weltweite schnelle Lieferung und 1 Jahr Garantie

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