Taking cues from the gritty aesthetics of the highly anticipated game Diablo IV, HJC has created the Diablo Graphic Helmet to help motorcyclists embark on their adventures in both safety and style with its iconic look and attention to detail.

Devilish Newcomer: The Diablo® Graphic Helmet from HJC

In the wake of the highly anticipated June 6 release of Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo IV game, HJC dives deep into the dark world.  Their latest collaboration results in a new design: the Diablo Graphic Helmet.  With over 61 million hours of play and more than 29 billion monsters slain, this was the most extensive beta in the history of the Diablo series. 

The helmet is inspired by the iconic game Diablo IV and brings its gritty and powerful aesthetic into reality.  This allows motorcyclists to embark on their adventures in a safe yet exceptionally stylish manner.


An eye-catcher par excellence: Diablo Graphic Helmet Details.

HJC’s Diablo Graphic Helmet impresses with its attention to detail, which captures the essence of the popular Diablo series and immerses riders in a world of darkness and intensity.  The helmet’s eye-catching graphics are artfully integrated, making it visually distinct from conventional helmets and a real head-turner.


Fabio Quartararo: A look at “El Diablo

To introduce the new design, “El Diabldo” himself (Fabio Quartararo) wore the helmet at the last MotoGP race in Mugello.


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