The Held HLS system is a glowing LED module that can be integrated into motorcyclists’ protective clothing so you will not be so easily overlooked in low visibility conditions …

Held offers special jacket and safety vest for the system

In the program of Held there is a special jacket and vest prepared for the system. The two white and red LED modules are pushed into specially provided pockets.

The system is powered and activated by a USB plug, so you only have to plug it into the power source.



  • Active illuminated LED system for better visibility of the motorcyclist in darkness and poor visibility
  • high-quality OSRAM lamps with white light in the front and red light on the back
  • can be integrated into all Held LED Prepared products
  • Power supply with any standard battery pack via USB port
  • Operating time with a 4,000 mAh battery approx. 7 hours


LEDMOMO 3D Lampe Nachtlicht Stimmungslicht Tischlampen Motorrad*
  • LEDMOMO 3D Lampe Nachtlicht Stimmungslicht Tischlampen Motorrad

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