Helmet manufacturer SCHUBERTH and manufacturer of motorcycle clothing, the company Held, deepen their cooperation.

[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]Both companies stand for their excellent quality and are honored annually by the readers of the magazine “Motorrad” as Best Brand.

Five SCHUBERTH helmets from the sport, adventure and touring sectors will be introduced to the market from 2018 onwards, optically and technically, under the brand “Held”. Strictly speaking, it is the R2, SR2, E1, C3 and C4. To clarify the difference to the SCHUBERTH helmets, an H is placed in front of each and the alignment is attached. The helmets will be called H-R2 Ride, H-SR2 Race, H-E1 Adventure, H-C3 Trip and H-C4 Tour.

Unfortunately the technical adjustment is not yet known. Officially presented are the helmets at the EICMA in November and for the start of the 2018 season one will be able to buy the Held helmets, made by SCHUBERTH.


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