Harley-Davidson, the motorcycle manufacturer from Milwaukee, is one of the losers of the US customs dispute with China and the EU. Their profit slumped by almost 20 percent in the second quarter, compared to the same period of the previous year. He went back to 195.6 million dollars or about 175 million euros. Revenues fell to 1.4 billion dollars, a loss of six percent.

Harley-Davidson with profit slump

Sales abroad also fell. So far, you could compensate for the weak US sales still something here. Harley-Davidson has downgraded its earnings guidance for the current fiscal year due to higher duty charges and weaker demand.

But it could soon go up again, because Harley-Davidson got now the permission to deliver motorcycles from Thailand to Europe. This avoids high tariffs on US goods.

Anstehende Veranstaltungen

Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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